My blog has moved into Beta!

Please note that my blog has changed addresses! It's all new and improved. Hence this old friend of mine had to be left alone. You can visit me at The Last Word (beta). It's all warmed up for you! :)

If you remember, quite a while back I had posted about Static content vs. Dynamic Content. In that post, I had tried to give an example as to what would make good dynamic content. Something that needs asynchronocity to be useful. If you don't remember, well, let's jog your memory a little.

We must try to seperate the things which need to be loaded on the fly, and things which should allow the viewer to be taken to a seperate page. I'm going to restrict myself to the blog environment, since I'm most familiar with use of asychronocity in blogs. In blogs, things which should be loaded asynchronously are the things which are secondary to the primary data. For example, related posts. It'd be perfectly logical to load a post which is related the one a viewer is currently reading, so that he can read it in context, rather than load it in a seperate page and take it out of context. This is a tremendoes usability upgrade, since all the information is available to the viewer without the need to switch pages. The same logic is followed in Heads Up Displays (HUD ). This does increase productivity, since it takes away a lot of clicks and keypresses.

So you see the example of making backlinks asynchronous? :) Yes! That was an idea back then, which I wanted to work on. But being as lazy as I am, never got around to it. But since then, I've been fiddling around with AJAX for my Native Search Suggestions and hence have gotten a good understanding of how it works and how to make it work. So, now I'll reveal my Asynchronous Backlinks! :)


This is not to be confused with Recursive Backlinks by Greg. That has a completely different purpose, though is asynchronous too. AB works to make browsing backlinked posts faster, especially if they're from the same blog. Actually, only if they're from the same blog. This works great for someone like me who links back to his own posts a lot. If you don't link to your own posts, then this is definitely not for you. The reason is because the hack is limited by rules of AJAX. I can't access content from sites not on my domain. I could PHP my way around it, but I think its not fair to steal clicks and hits away from someone elses site that way.

Ok, so you like what you see? Want to try it out first? Here's a good page to try it out on. Native Blog Search. That is one the most linked to pages on this blog. Check out the backlinks, try all of them, and keep an eye to the bottom right of your screen. You'll see what I mean! :P

You wanna implement it now? Cool! :)


Start by getting yourself a copy of Prototype.js. You're going to need this. Host it yourself (Google Pages is a fantastic way to do so!), or you can grab the one off Jscripts. I'll try and keep that updated, but don't count on it. Once you do that, add these lines in (I take the Jscripts script by default) as indicated

To the <head> area, and

After the </body> of your template. Now find your <$BlogItemBody$> tag, and replace that with

Done? Good, thats a lot of work done! :) Now, find the code for your backlinks. People have different codes for their backlinks, so I won't ask you to put any lines in. Just alter them. Add an onclick="req('<$BlogBacklinkURL$>" statement to the link which points to the backlink URL, and change the href to make it point to #. Add a <div id="aload"></div> wherever you want to show the output. Thats it! You're done! Need an explanation? Ok!


The first thing you have to pay attention to is the two commented statements that you've wrapped your post body tag with. They are used by the script to detect exactly which part to print out. You can use any other line or code to demarkate, but remember, it should be unique. If it clashes with anything before its intended target, you'll get a messed up output.

That is all that is there to it really. The script just makes an AJAX call to the page pointed to by your backlink. If its in your domain, the returned text is filtered out and shown to you. You can add effects like I have to make it more appealing, but that is all there is to it really! Too simple for you? Go ahead, expand it, lets see what you can come up with! :)

Please note that comments made here will no longer be answered. If you would like answers, you can either mail me, or visit my new blog at The Last Word (beta)
Sorry for the inconvenience! :(

Hi Aditya,

My name is Deepak. I wanted to use a hack of yours in my blog (the navbar hide hack which you presented in Bloggeratto.) As a matter of fact, I already incorporated that ;)

Please tell me how I should acknowledge your work. I don't have a technical blog right now, what I can do is add a link to your blog from the credits section in my blogpage.

BTW, I wanted to point you to a minute bug in your Async backlink implementation. When you select permalink of any post from your index page, the yellow block appears for about a second and vanishes. I believe that is something unwanted.

Thank you so much for you kind words Deepak. There is a button under Subscriptions (click it to open up the tray) where you'll find ways of linking to me! :) Thank you for doing so! :)

Secondly, the yellow box vanishes only when the page is loaded, not when you click the links themselves. A single click makes an AJAX call, but a double click loads the page normally. The initial blimp of yellow at page load can't be avoided, since my effects need that. If you choose not to use effects, that initial blimp can be avoided! :)

wait, what? coff*Coff

Here here Avatar. Take 2 and call me in the morning!

Didn't quite get where you have implemented the double click functionality. I don't see it in your code. Is it a functionality built inside prototype.js?

The "blimp" is sort of bad bahavior for the end user. I think you can do something with the display parameter for your aload id, by not allowing it to change into display: block if there is no data inside the SCRAPE pseudo-tags.

Just a suggestion...Not sure of it.

The double click is a simple attribute you can put in to tags, ondblclick="", which makes it respond to double clicks.

The blimp is distracting, yes, but my asks for it in the beginning. Ever appear and dissapear effect is coupled, so something has to be hidden with the 'disappear' effect before it can be made visible with the 'appear' effect. I'll see what I can do to remove it! Thanks for the suggestion though.

Nice work. How is John's post on this showing up even though it is not in your blog? Or is it?

Your blog is so aesthetically appealing! Except for the painfully small font size, everything is awesome!

Well, the little snippet you see is courtesy of Blogger's native backlinks catch. But its from my backlinks that you'll get to see practically the first two paragraphs! :)

Also, I'm sorry about the font size, but I really like it that way. I tried increasing it, and it looks awful to me. So I guess we'll exercise those ctrl and + keys! :-P Thanks for dropping by!

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Add A Comment? Its Nice To Get A Feedback! :)

Its about time Google slowly started catering to the people out there who are hounding message boards, forums, help groups and blogs trying desperately to get some ounce of help regarding their problems!

Google announced a lord of the help pages, which has help topics to every service that they provide. This place will be a haven for those who are sick of hunting around the place looking to get help. Ofcourse, every service has had its Help link in the top-right, in perfect Google style in the past. But this one will link to all of them from one page itself. Kinda like consolidating everything.

Google's blog post:

Those of us in user support had a pet peeve: there was no single place that held all of Google's help information at your fingertips. So we decided to build one -- and now you can visit Google Help to find tips, tricks, and troubleshooting solutions for just about every Google product and service. We don't want you to have to work hard to find anything, so we also added an A-Z guide in case you do know exactly what you're looking for.

From the Support page you can also visit the Help Center of your choice to discover answers to frequently asked questions and link to our interactive help groups to discuss various features with other Google users. So remember to keep handy, and enjoy.

Although there is no added relief for Blogger users, since the Blogger help link on that page links back to the Beige, Blue and Orange help pages that we've come to despise here at Blogger. So still the contact e-mail for Blogger eludes us! But I guess they are not going to give out one because they know how much e-mail they'll have to deal with if they do :-P That's not much of a problem! If you have a problem not listed, you can always drop in at the Blogger Help Group, and someone will be very glad to help you! :) Give the support page a visit! It's dying to help you... :)


Google Support
Blogger Help Group
Google Blog Announcement

Please note that comments made here will no longer be answered. If you would like answers, you can either mail me, or visit my new blog at The Last Word (beta)
Sorry for the inconvenience! :(

funny story, i rememeber when the blogger help e-mail was not only not in hiding but actually on the front page. it didn´t lasted long, and now they later changed the e-mail address...

that is why i always laugh when someone says :" i am going to e-mail blogger about", i will always tell them:

Good luck.

Add A Comment? Its Nice To Get A Feedback! :)

I was just reading through this article on the PC Magazine's site but John C. Dvorak, some hotshot blabber mouth about how he thinks CSS, very politely, sucks! The more I read, the more I was laughing to myself, and although I have no two hoots about making this a rant post, I am personally very tired of people writing or being opinionated about something they very clearly have no clue about!

Why CSS bugs him?

Because he's an idiot. As simple as that. He tries to base his argument on the fact that every browser interprets CSS differently, and hence its not really standard. Well, I guess someone forgot to introduce him to a little something we have had going on for two years now called the Browser Wars! Duh! Every browser does interpret it differently, and thats why every one of them is not W3C standards compliant. Opera comes close, but still doesn't hit 100%. Firefox and IE7 are a long shot, but they're getting there slowly!

His other argument (and this one really cracked me up!) was this. I'd like to quote him just so that people don't say I cheated:

The first problem is the idea of "cascading." It means what it says: falling—as in falling apart. You set a parameter for a style element, and that setting falls to the next element unless you provide it with a different element definition. This sounds like a great idea until you try to deconstruct the sheet. You need a road map. One element cascades from here, another from there. One wrong change and all hell breaks loose. If your Internet connection happens to lose a bit of CSS data, you get a mess on your screen.

ROFLMAOOL!! Next thing which you can expect him to say is that he will not write HTML markup, because if he misses one closing tag, the whole thing will fall apart, or maybe that he'll never code a program for more than a 100 lines, because if he misses a colon, he'll get mucked! That brings me back to my title ... is Dvorak for real?

Everyone loses here, from users who can't under­stand why things look screwy, to developers who can't get CSS to do the job right, to baffled content providers. And what's being done about it? Nothing! Another fine mess from the standards bodies.

Baffled content providers? Mess from the standards bodies? Right! I don't know what third grade content providers he has been in touch with who can't get CSS to work because really, its one of the easiest things. You just need practice. And there is nothing wrong with the standards. That's why they are the standards. Don't blame the W3C, blame the browsers who refused to stick to them!

The best there is

CSS is making it big quite rapidly, with the W3C just recently releasing a draft of the new properties its going to include in CSS3. It's an exciting time for people like us, who (unlike Dvorak) know what we do, and what every change can do for us! CSS is probably the best thing to happen to the field of web designing. It makes life so much simpler when you have to design tons of pages for one web-site!

Let's not bad mouth such a good thing now, shall we? If it wasn't for CSS, the internet would be much less beautiful, and more like the roadkill outside your front door! Just that an article like this appearing on a respected site's page, throws me a little off!


Why CSS Bugs Me - PC Magazine Article
Digg Article - Read the people's comments
W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium

Please note that comments made here will no longer be answered. If you would like answers, you can either mail me, or visit my new blog at The Last Word (beta)
Sorry for the inconvenience! :(

Dvorak is a tool! Flamebait just to stir people up. I think he is pretty well known for that.

If you haven't seen it Dave Winer (another well known tool-for other reasons) made a video of Dvorak explaining how he trolls just to get people worked up.
John Dvorak explains how he tweaks Mac users for traffic
I haven't watched it since I'm on dialup and it's not worth the wait. :-D
    Anonymous phydeaux3, on Sat Jul 22, 07:24:00 PM  

My my!! :0

Actually, its quite interesting. I was reading about this 'hook' for linkbaiting. Constantly criticise everything under mass consumption, and eventually people will start linking to you. I'm sure his pages have high Google page-ranks too?

Smart little fellow!

I wouldn't dance and sing quite so loud. While Dvorak does get paid to be opinionated and unashamedly rants about anything and everything, he's never all wrong (or maybe, almost never). Like any extremist he's just muchly wrong sometimes, and I think in private he'd admit to exaggerations for the sake of reputation etc. CSS, HTML, the whole bit sucks. It's the worst headache in the world. Mostly because of IE. This does not make them useless however (because they're all we have), just a royal pain.

CSS and HTML is not the worst of the headaches on earth! :P

They can be bad, but so can any language which is not written in an organised and systematic manner. Thats probably true for anything.

He surely does bad mouth CSS in such a bad way, that I just had to say something about it. But I know, that his word stands for more than mine at the end of the day! :|

Quit singing and dancing Aditya. You're disturbing the neighbors.
    Anonymous phydeaux3, on Mon Jul 24, 09:35:00 PM  

Hehe! Ok! *shhh*

Perhaps you misunderstood me slightly. CSS is a headache because of browser implementation issues, mostly. The problem is not CSS, but (again, mostly because of IE) saying 'go here' isn't enough... you have to make sure all major browsers understand CSS well enough to know where 'here' is...

Add A Comment? Its Nice To Get A Feedback! :)

All blogs have been restored except for the ones that they were initially trying to block. Since Airtel was the last to block, I'm guessing they're the last to restore, which means all other ISPs would have fixed all of it by now! If your blog viewing isn't up and running, give a call to your ISP! Happy blogging!

This is crazy! Till yesterday, I could see my blog and all other blogs on Blogspot perfectly, and when Phydeaux3 pointed out a Blogger Help Discussion Topic about how many people from India were unable to open the domain Blogspot, I confirmed that I still could, and hence it was only ISP specific. Obviously not. As of this morning and of making this post, I can't see my blog, Phydeaux3 or Bloggeratto. A well known redirecter, PKblogs too seems to have been taken down Its working again! I tried it out at 4:15 PM IST, thanks to Effendi!.

The Reason

The reason out is that the government is trying to crack down on terrorist blogs, and this is only temporary. They have sent out notices to the ISPs asking them to block out those domains for the time-being, while they can sort it out. Someone at digg who took the initiative to find out has put up:

Two sources, one inside the Government of India and the other kind of inside/outside have confirmed to the Mutiny, that ISPs are being instructed to 'control' access to blogspot. It seems that some blogs are being used by some terror units (read SIMI) to communicate.

There is a crack down in place. IP numbers are being physically located and identified. All should come back to normal once this operation is over. There is no ban in place. Livejournal and Wordpress have been spared. No reason given.

Now I know you are not going to believe this, so I'm going to quote what she said, "This operation is limited to certain parts of India. Bloggers in Andaman, Nicobar and Lakhsadeep islands are not affected." I thought she was joking but I didn't hear the reciprocal laughter from the other end of the phone line.

Their reasons seem fair enough, but at the end of the day, you have to wonder how this helps India continue the run up to their campaign for Right To Information act recently introduced.

Democracy and RTI

Democracy means government by discussion, but it is only effective if you can stop people talking
Apparently, there are more ways than one in which the RTI act is taking hit. Now, the blocked blogs creates a furthur sense of hypocrisy when you hear those little public service advertisements asking us to wake up to a new India. Is this is how a democracy runs? By blocking content and not saying a word about it to anyone?

Sure, I understand that anything that goes public goes to the terrorists out there too, who are (supposedly) the targets in this sudden spat of idiosyncracy. But maybe a word to us would have atleast let us know what is happening. The RTI act seems to be failing miserably, as is the democracy in the biggest democracy in the world.

We have nothing to do right now but wait for this to pass, because as they have said, it'll pass eventually. Since the main domain has been blocked, no RSS feeds or content will get through to anyone. Thankfully for everyone, I use Feedburner (which thankfully has access to Blogspot) and hence if you subscribe to my feed, you can continue to get updates whether the blog is blocked or not!

I shall keep updating this post as the developments continue!

[Update]:: The block is slowly being lifted now! Apparently it was a gross misunderstanding on the part of the ISPs, or they were just trying to suck up a bit too well! Here's Avatar's article

[Update]: PKblogs is back up for us! Although, I'd still suggest The Cloak

Please note that comments made here will no longer be answered. If you would like answers, you can either mail me, or visit my new blog at The Last Word (beta)
Sorry for the inconvenience! :(

Yeah, this just sucks. I was hoping when we spoke about it the other day that it truly was just a technical glitch affecting some ISP's, but it sure smelled like a block of some sort was going on. And I had been reading earlier how more ISP's were now being affected. Sorry they got to you now, I mean not being able to read Phydeaux3....that's horrible! :-D

And you say the pkblogs redirector is also blocked?? Sneaky.

I guess it's another thing we in the U.S. now have in common with our friends in India. Both of our govts are using the 'threat of terrorism' as an excuse in modifying our rights.

And I didn't know terrorists were bloggers too....apparently everyone is doing it!

I have no doubt the great peoples of India will come together to overcome these actions. Power to the People!!!

And my heartfelt thoughts for those that were lost recently in Mumbai. Believe me, whatever you may think about the US govt, the people of the US are with the people of India.
    Anonymous phydeaux3, on Mon Jul 17, 10:04:00 PM  

"And my heartfelt thoughts for those that were lost recently in Mumbai. Believe me, whatever you may think about the US govt, the people of the US are with the people of India."

Thanks for that Kirk. It truly does suck not to be able to view Phydeaux3! Thankfully, I'm subscribed! :D

They have said that they'll return them to normal once the whole thing is sorted out! But c'mon, it took them one week to figure out that the terrorists used RDX as explosives! Speed is not our thing, apparently!

I don't know how terrorists are using blogs! I've yet to come across a blog which says 'Strap on! Blow Off!'

I guess the government doesn't know about redirectors, illiterate politicians that we have! So right now, thats what I'm having to use to see my own blog! Using a backdoor to my own house! Sheesh!

Lets hope it all gets fixed quickly! :)

for all the bloggers who is blocked try this :

I remember reading it yesterday, and the first thing i thought was "Aditya will have to hop on the ropes", glad you made it, and yeah that all nonsensical crapola about Blogger terrorism, sounds completely insane coming from India of all places...

i mean i can expect this from north korea, but India?..

Oh my, i hope they get their act together soon. and not being able to look a Phydeaux3 is horrible, i don´t know what i would do if i could not see it every morning. and wait....the agony of not being able to check on Bloggeratto?.

I can´t even bear that thought without feeling sad.

Thank goodness for the saving grace of feeds, right? Hehe! This phase does nothing but drive the traffic of Indian bloggers to sites like PKblogs. Also, if terrorists are using blogs to communicate, then blocking them off like these won't help, since the brilliance that is proxies will step in to spoil the fun!

Either the politicians are really dumb to think that the people of the country are dumb (India being a very hot IT hub at the moment), or they are (once again) panicking like a wounded dog, who bites at anything that is in it's sights.

I can see posts on Bloggeratto just fine even by not going to the blog itself! So, its fine there. But lets just say that PkBlogs is seeing a lot more of me these past days!

(By the way, since only Blogspot, Typepad and Geocities has been blocked off, does that mean the Indian government thinks that Wordpress isn't a platform under mass consumption? Have they invariably made a statement about which platforms are easy and worth using these days? :-P )

Well it sucks that now they've released the official list of blogs they were trying to block, I'm nowhere on it. :-(
I'm gonna have to start being more subversive if I want to make the next banned list.
    Anonymous phydeaux3, on Thu Jul 20, 08:00:00 PM  

Well, you can start writing about death threats to the Indian president! That seems to be catching the authorities attention these days! ;)

hahaha, ah Kirk, that was a great chuckle, but don´t worry i can feel you must be in some democrat-left wing-liberal black list.

that would make you happy?

And about killing the indian president.. that sounds like harsh...but if a actual india citizen like you wants to kill him...

(and the sirens go on somewhere around Aditya house)

Add A Comment? Its Nice To Get A Feedback! :)

I really don't know what to say about this! Definitely a much needed upgrade to the now age-ing hack, this spanned out of someone giving me an offhand feedback (I don't remember at the moment who it was, but thanks!). I managed to work it up because of my latest fascination with PHP and Ning. But just to make things clear, I am not releasing this as a public hack. This is to add functionality on this blog, a feature showcase that it can be done and to show a few people that hackers are still ahead! :)

Native Search Suggest is to Native Search for Google Suggest is to Google search. It feeds off people using it on the blog, and becomes more useful the more it's used. As you start typing your search terms, a list of matching search terms will pop up that people have been searching for on the blog, which you can select using your cursor keys or mouse. In time, I'll add the display of frequency of searches made per term as well. That should tell you which are the most hot terms on the blog! :) Terms which don't return any results are not suggested, and any additions are reflected immediately! Suggestions are sorted by frequency of their use (thanks to Stephen for the code!)

I was quite surprised when Google didn't include a suggest in their AJAX Search API, and well, I'm an impatient guy. So I decided to add it for myself. That makes it Google AJAX Search 0 - 1 Native Search! I must admit, I'll release this as a hack if enough people request it, because it'll need some extra bit of work which I won't put in unless I see people interested.

Effects courtesy of by Thomas Fuchs, and Ning for hosting my PHP. Go ahead, give it a whirl!

Please note that comments made here will no longer be answered. If you would like answers, you can either mail me, or visit my new blog at The Last Word (beta)
Sorry for the inconvenience! :(

Sweet hack, keep up the great work

AWESOME !! Incredible 'tweak' to the hack !

hmm... but what's with this ... I am not releasing this as a public hack. ...

let us have it !!! :D

@D: Thanks! :)

@Effendi: Well, this being the first project after the Native Search that I was thoroughly excited about, I wanted to get it out of the door as soon as possible! Hence, I didn't do much to make it usable by other people. Now I am just a little lazy, and don't want to go and tweak things server side unless enough people show interest in it (I'm trying to get Kirk to use this over his own little search and the Google AJAX Search... shhh! :D)

So basically, I want to have a definite number of users before I make it public since it'll need some more work! But I've counted your vote, so don't worry! :) Thanks!

Grate work dude! keep it up. I can't wait to see the hack...


Thanks c0ldEnd! Me too! I wish people would comment faster and request the hack! :-P

Your blog is one of the best featured blogs i've seen. I specially like the commenting system. I wonder if i can get on like this... I would be glad if you release this hack too. ;)

Cheers again!

this is really cool. now, i don't know too much about hacks and stuff, but this is.... just plain cool.

and what;s with the commenting system! it's AWESOME! i haven't exactly noticed this before, considering i hardly visit this blog, but this work is blatantly outstanding.

congratulations! keep up the great work :D

Hehe! Then you should be visiting this more often, if not for the content, then the stuff I keep putting in! :P

Thanks for the words and for dropping by!

Wow, great work!
Of course I'm willing to use it on my blog if you would be kind enough to let us know how...

    Anonymous Ana, on Tue Jul 18, 04:10:00 PM  

Yeah...let us have another of your hacks.....:D

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You hear it everyday from people. There are countless debates about it throughout the Internet, with people literally dishing out all they have at the other to prove their point and make it seem a better argument. Industry leaders are divided on their opinions, yet they remain neutral to not give too much away. There are fanatics that come in hordes to overwhelm anyone brave enough to raise a voice against the white glass fruit, but still, why the do the double digits elude the ones with the undisputed better operating system?

Misconceptions that plagueth

Today, everybody is using the computer. And they are using it in more than one ways. Computers are such an integral part of people's

Microsoft still thinks semi-transparent windows are cool!
lives, that they don't realise what will happen to them if it crashes and they lose every bit of data that it holds. Ask me, someone who is not new to crashes. I literally stop talking to people for a whole day, lock myself in my room. Yes, those are pseudo withdrawal symptoms, but thats besides the point. The point is that being empowered by computers, there are many who think they really know everything they need to know to make an educated decision regarding their computer.

Unfortunately, that's not true. To prove it, ask anyone what they know about Apple and their Operating System, OS X. If you're not greeted with the astounded 'Apple has an operating system?', then 99/100 times they'll tell you that Apple's OS X is meant for graphic designers. Strange, isn't it? Apart from their record shattering iPod sales, people barely know what all Apple to offer. Being the only mainstream (Linux is not that mainstream yet) which offers such high levels of scripting capabilities (AppleScript), OS X is still considered a designer's computer. Its saddening.

Fewer people will know that Apple actually invented the concept of an Operating System! Yep! News to you? *Phsshhhh*

Trying to find information for this post, I bumped into a forum topic which makes a lot of the points that I'd want to make. Misconceptions reign supreme that if people switch, there are going to be major compatibility issues, and it'll hamper their working. Hehe! They couldn't be more wrong. Macs make working so simple, that you'd really not want to go back to working on a Windows machine. You just need an initial handy guide that can give you the information you can use. Here's a good resource to try out if anything till here in this post has fired you up! Remember switching to Firefox? Didn't you hesitate? There are going to be a few cobwebs, for sure. But once you get the hang of it, you'll see your productivity increase!

The industrial handicap

Apple didn't realize the potential of their product when they invented it. Unfortunately, Gates did. Thats why today Windows stands industry preferred Operating System, when very clearly, OS X is a better OS. Every bench mark test, head-to-head comparison table points the same way. But because Windows got there first, and captivated audiences first, they've managed to keep ahead of the competition.

Jobs tried and succeeded (to a limit) to put Apple on the map, but the backlog created is too big for one man to do it alone. People slowly need to be awakened to what Macs really are, and what they can actually do. Now with Apple allowing dual boots, people will be more open to trying to change their OS of choice, since they don't lose anything if they don't like OS X.

These are simple strategies that they seem to be adopting to battle the biggest example of an industrial handicap you'll see faced by a clearly better product. The most I can do is argue the point wherever it comes up. But Microsoft fan boys always have one argument that seems to negate everything. 95% of the computers on Earth run on Windows. Who knows, the Alien mother ship which might invade Earth in a century from now will be running Windows Vista? (Which means its prone to viruses! Hehe!)

The last word

There's no vendetta against anyone here. Its a simple fact that drives the argument. If you can get something better, then why not? I'll be switching the day I start earning, but till then I'll have to continue using Windows machines I guess. I hope to get a Powerbook, or a Macbook Pro after I graduate from college! :) I hope to turn over a few people in that span!


Apple's share of the apple and how a small number is not a bad thing, since Apple is a brand. Dell has a share of 5%, so how bad is 3.9%?
Tiger Review by a convert
Macs in the workplace
Apple OS X
Crash course in switching

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Sorry for the inconvenience! :(

Very nice post aditya!

However, you are missing on one point that Microsoft got popular because it was pirated and somehow I always felt that it was one of the strategy of Microsoft to let people use the pirated that people get used to it..........anyway I won't get much into that.

But now Steve Jobs has taken the same track....after releasing the Mac for Intel, the buzz has now shifted a little bit towards Mac and if you don't know then thousand of people are downloading the Torrent of Mac for Intel....This gives you an Idea that Mac will do better in future :)

Well, I don't know about the legal piracy trick, so I won't say much, but if any of the comments from pirates can be trusted, then Apple has taken some serious measures to make sure that OS X doesn't run on normal PCs!

I doubt Jobs is/will take(ing) the same step, because he is not like Gates (if your info is really true). Plus, Apple is doing well even if it remains in single digits, because as that article from Digg points out, Apple is a brand, and it doesn't allow its OS to run on normal computers. If they allowed that, you'd see many more Macs than you see now!

Although I am still waiting for Avatar to come knocking at this post! :-P

go dodger! :P

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As Avatar points out that he knows a little more than all of us regarding all the new features that Blogger has in store for us, and believe me, this really is a much needed stint of upgrades for Blogger. It's good to see that Google has finally diverted its attention to the now ageing blogging platform. The native support of comment editing via the dashboard sure does punch Jasper's script in the gut, and as Phydeaux3 (in the comments) noted, it looks strikingly similar to the userscript implementation. There can be a few inferences from this, but I really like to be cynical, since it helps me to extend my post beyond one paragraph.

Is Blogger slowly starting to wipe out hacks, in preparation for some big close down on such freedom regarding customization of one's blog?

As it is now

Blogger currently boasts of the greatest customizability of all the other blogging platforms. Blogger literally opens itself to any sort of hackery and implementation that one might think up of. This makes Blogger the choice platform for the high end power users. You'll find some of the brightest and most creative coders using Blogger. This is good! A blog is meant to be personal, and what better way than to give full freedom to the users. The pitfall is just a simple navbar on top, which can (legally) be removed by hosting on your own domain or FTP server.

It lacks a few features which has become a necessity over the past few years, but there are hackers popping every day who are trying to bridge that gap as well with their elite scripts and codes. Blogger never stops us using those, even if it means we max out their servers sometimes trying to test them out, or implementing them!

How much easier and better can it get?

What they are trying

Slowly as Blogger roles out the new features like categories (the biggest hacking area for us hackers), a lot of hacks will go out of use. We'll then have to try and think up of new ways of doing things, and if there is something Blogger has missed out, script our way around it. Of course, nothing can truly wipe out scripters and hackers, since a power platform such as Wordpress itself has countless hacks, it will surely make hacking a little less fun since many of the features which saw our creativity being tested to the limit, will get implemented natively!

This will be the situation which I am predicting people like Avatar will be waiting for. It will soon become a playground for the thinkers, rather than the coders. In the 6-7 months that I've been coding, I've come to realize that if you can think it, you can code it. The key word being think. There is much more value in the market for thinkers rather than slogging programmers.

Blogger is slowly trying to rope in the majority of the crowd by making itself rich with the features which are now taken for granted in every blogging platform, but in the process, its also turning the tide of what we perceive as a power user today!

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Sorry for the inconvenience! :(

Well, yeah, i know more about blogger than most since i were with it from first month.

and of course there will be lots of hacks going the way of the dodo with the upgrades Blogger put out, but a Blogger without total freedom would be nonsensical, and it would create Blogger haters in masses, and i don´t think they would DARE to close it at the point Blog has it simply because that is not needed, the power user in blogger only represent a 10% of the platform, samewise in wordpress, the ones who hack wordpress and actively use wordpress hacks are no more than 20%, and that is because the actual platform let them promote the plugins.

but on thing is rigth, and you already know it, i must have thought of no less than 100 things( hacks, mods and methods) in the last 2 months so, what do you worry if i am the thinker?


I don't think they'll shut us down just to shut us down (although you're right... cynicism makes for a good post!). There are probably a few good hacks heading for extinction, though. On the bright side, I like to think that each upgrade will create a new need, and that there will always be something for us to think about, modify or extend.

Not only does it look 'strikingly similar' to Jasper's script, it looks exactly the same. Exactly.

Heh, I'm very cynical but came up what a totally different conclusion.

But I'm not sayin' nothing. :-) Just passin' through.
    Anonymous phydeaux3, on Mon Jul 10, 10:46:00 PM  

Hehe! I know, Blogger shouldn't dare close off the customization powers it offers. It'll lose ALL its users if it does that, and we'll all switch to Wordpress and have to learn PHP!

Needs will also be there. Just that filling up gaps will highlight the ones we haven't thought of yet. A native way of tagging posts as well? Trackbacks? Who knows what all!

I really hope they're not trying to do what Apple did with Konfabulator and Dashboard (sorry! my latest post is still lingering in my head!), and take the best things and make them native!

Let's see where they go with all this!

Add A Comment? Its Nice To Get A Feedback! :)

Unlike Avatar, I have received no e-mails or comments asking me where the hell I am! Yet, I just wanted to put this up and let the people know that I am not dead! I am just a little busy with pre-college preperations, spending time with friends and the general mid-year crisis. I know I might have presented views on plans on taking a hiatus from blogging, especially with college starting in a month and a half, but I have since back-tracked on those plans. I realised blogging and hacking is a part of me that won't die! :)

So for the moment, this is just a temporary lean period, that promises to go away the moment I'm in college, and in the groove of things! Though I am going to reduce the frequency of posts, to keep them particularly on topic and full of useful information, and only when I really need to say something about something! :) (Or a hack release here and there)

So thats all! Thanks for the support (or just hanging on to my feed! :P)

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Sorry for the inconvenience! :(

yeah, Aditya is now going to college....ah the kids grow so fast... :P

dont worry! we knew you'd be back soon! :)

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This is probably one of the neatest things you can do with your blog. Include all of them on the same page! COOOOOL!!

Okay, seriously! This the perfect way of integrating all your blogs into one page. Having different columns for your different blogs. Not overdoing it by including all your 10 blogs on the same page, you can use this method to have a column for your Personal blog, with (say) your Cookery blog, and your Tech blog. Not many people try and use this, and that is why I wanted to just bring it up.

Blogger documentation

Yes! Blogger Help has a documentation about integrating your Blogger blogs into one place. Although the methods it has given, doesn't seem to work since I have tried them in the past. It says to include just the basic post format and then the one of the four lines based on your blogs configuration. However, none of them have worked for me, so I decied to provide my own methods of including multiple blogs with your mail blog.

Framing your blogs

The easiest and ugliest way to include multiple blogs is to include them in frames, or slightly neater, IFrames. The problem with IFrames being that browser compatibility is low, and they're virtually un-style-able (woo!! a new word! :D). The advantages being you can include any page in the IFrame and you can make all your changes to the blog seperately without affecting the display of your main blog.

I personally don't recommend this method, but its a good one to keep in mind.

Digest 'em feeds

This one is the easiest and almost perfect way of including a second blog. Just use Feeddigest's feed syndication to convert the feed of that blog to HTML, and then display it on your page. The advantages with this being that you need virtually no coding knowledge, and all your settings can be set automatically by Feeddigest for you. The look can be perfectly styled, and suited to your blog.

The downer being that unless you're paying for Feeddigest, your digest will not get updated that often. Hence, updates to your (side)blog will not show up immediately. It completely depends on the Feeddigest server. Also, their system is known to go down once in a while (due to upgrades or overload, or whatever reason they can throw at us). If you want immediate updating, this is the closest thing you can do to going manual and giving yourself the ultimate power, which brings me to my final method.

Going manual

The best (if you're a power user) and most effective way to display posts from your other blogs on your main blog, is to take matters into your own hands. You can burn your ATOM into an RSS using Feedburner, and then use Stephen's fantastic XOXOTools to conver it to JSON. Then using a simple script, write it out on your page. Their is only one downfall, which is easy to avoid. You will need to code the script which writes out the data in the JSON. You could do that yourself, or ask someone (even me!) to write it out for you.

The advantages, on the contrary are major. You have complete control of whatever's happening. The display, positioning, styling, linking ... everything! The display is updated almost immediately (or as soon as Feedburner updates, which is very quick). This method is used to set up the "Latest Updated" (in the sidebar). I just leave out the post content, and display the titles for it. So you have a taste of what it can be like!

Having multiple blogs on one page really works to create awareness of your other stuff around the web, and helps you micromanage them properly. So go ahead, try it! :)

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Sorry for the inconvenience! :(

You can also use stdRSS instead of FeedBurner if all you need is to normalize ATOM to RSS2

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