My blog has moved into Beta!

Please note that my blog has changed addresses! It's all new and improved. Hence this old friend of mine had to be left alone. You can visit me at The Last Word (beta). It's all warmed up for you! :)

Eventualy there comes a time when something old has to give way for something new, because the new is just too friggin' good compared to the old. There are times when it is hard to let go, but what has to be done, has to be done! Now, is that time ...

Since I've come back to the blogging part time, I have been seeing flaws with this Blogger just a bit too much. Cumbursome and annoying at times. Script heavy pages take minutes to load, when they should take only seconds, and small nitty gritties like that here and there. Waiting for that Beta link to show up was getting trying, and the code making up whatever you're reading right now is just too complicated and interesting for me to remove it completely. Hence, the result was pretty obvious and didn't need much thought.

I'm going to take this opportunity to unveil The Last Word (Beta) to all the readers of The Last Word. Quietly and secretly, behind closed doors and darkened windows, I had been working to get it up and running as fast as possible. I wanted it to look its part and place, and better than this. Most of all, I wanted a blog on the new Beta Blogger. So instead of waiting anymore, I went ahead and created one from scratch :)

So without making you wait for too long, here's the link again -- The Last Word (Beta). A grand welcome is waiting for you there!

Please note that comments made here will no longer be answered. If you would like answers, you can either mail me, or visit my new blog at The Last Word (beta)
Sorry for the inconvenience! :(

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