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As Avatar points out that he knows a little more than all of us regarding all the new features that Blogger has in store for us, and believe me, this really is a much needed stint of upgrades for Blogger. It's good to see that Google has finally diverted its attention to the now ageing blogging platform. The native support of comment editing via the dashboard sure does punch Jasper's script in the gut, and as Phydeaux3 (in the comments) noted, it looks strikingly similar to the userscript implementation. There can be a few inferences from this, but I really like to be cynical, since it helps me to extend my post beyond one paragraph.

Is Blogger slowly starting to wipe out hacks, in preparation for some big close down on such freedom regarding customization of one's blog?

As it is now

Blogger currently boasts of the greatest customizability of all the other blogging platforms. Blogger literally opens itself to any sort of hackery and implementation that one might think up of. This makes Blogger the choice platform for the high end power users. You'll find some of the brightest and most creative coders using Blogger. This is good! A blog is meant to be personal, and what better way than to give full freedom to the users. The pitfall is just a simple navbar on top, which can (legally) be removed by hosting on your own domain or FTP server.

It lacks a few features which has become a necessity over the past few years, but there are hackers popping every day who are trying to bridge that gap as well with their elite scripts and codes. Blogger never stops us using those, even if it means we max out their servers sometimes trying to test them out, or implementing them!

How much easier and better can it get?

What they are trying

Slowly as Blogger roles out the new features like categories (the biggest hacking area for us hackers), a lot of hacks will go out of use. We'll then have to try and think up of new ways of doing things, and if there is something Blogger has missed out, script our way around it. Of course, nothing can truly wipe out scripters and hackers, since a power platform such as Wordpress itself has countless hacks, it will surely make hacking a little less fun since many of the features which saw our creativity being tested to the limit, will get implemented natively!

This will be the situation which I am predicting people like Avatar will be waiting for. It will soon become a playground for the thinkers, rather than the coders. In the 6-7 months that I've been coding, I've come to realize that if you can think it, you can code it. The key word being think. There is much more value in the market for thinkers rather than slogging programmers.

Blogger is slowly trying to rope in the majority of the crowd by making itself rich with the features which are now taken for granted in every blogging platform, but in the process, its also turning the tide of what we perceive as a power user today!


Well, yeah, i know more about blogger than most since i were with it from first month.

and of course there will be lots of hacks going the way of the dodo with the upgrades Blogger put out, but a Blogger without total freedom would be nonsensical, and it would create Blogger haters in masses, and i donĀ“t think they would DARE to close it at the point Blog has it simply because that is not needed, the power user in blogger only represent a 10% of the platform, samewise in wordpress, the ones who hack wordpress and actively use wordpress hacks are no more than 20%, and that is because the actual platform let them promote the plugins.

but on thing is rigth, and you already know it, i must have thought of no less than 100 things( hacks, mods and methods) in the last 2 months so, what do you worry if i am the thinker?


I don't think they'll shut us down just to shut us down (although you're right... cynicism makes for a good post!). There are probably a few good hacks heading for extinction, though. On the bright side, I like to think that each upgrade will create a new need, and that there will always be something for us to think about, modify or extend.

Not only does it look 'strikingly similar' to Jasper's script, it looks exactly the same. Exactly.

Heh, I'm very cynical but came up what a totally different conclusion.

But I'm not sayin' nothing. :-) Just passin' through.
    Anonymous phydeaux3, on Mon Jul 10, 10:46:00 PM  

Hehe! I know, Blogger shouldn't dare close off the customization powers it offers. It'll lose ALL its users if it does that, and we'll all switch to Wordpress and have to learn PHP!

Needs will also be there. Just that filling up gaps will highlight the ones we haven't thought of yet. A native way of tagging posts as well? Trackbacks? Who knows what all!

I really hope they're not trying to do what Apple did with Konfabulator and Dashboard (sorry! my latest post is still lingering in my head!), and take the best things and make them native!

Let's see where they go with all this!

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