My blog has moved into Beta!

Please note that my blog has changed addresses! It's all new and improved. Hence this old friend of mine had to be left alone. You can visit me at The Last Word (beta). It's all warmed up for you! :)

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All (or most) of the ruckus, tensions, nail-biting scenarios and curiosities are now slowly dying down. It seems Google still has the ability to excite with new releases :) That is good news, because if Avatar gets it right (again), we have a few more surprises to come. Thats a good thing also, because there are quite a few still niggling things which are just beginning to come up to my throat.

Also, this sudden unforeseen update is forcing me to put a hold to my hacks which I was going to release. I want to see exactly how they finally shape their page structure, the code adding and page loading algorithms. Avatar rightly said that the update killed off an amazing categories hack that I was about to release via Bloggeratto. But I guess its better this way, with the native categories. However, I shall continue to stick with my ABCI till they release category feeds. Not to mention the pain of categorising all the posts again! Kirk has managed to make the cut and the transition to the new system. He's the only one who I know has done so from the mainstream blogs. Avatar, John, I and a few others are still waiting for that golden link to appear.

I hope they release their new raw template editing tools soon enough, because their Google Pages layout editor (which they've transported here) is really bad. To the basic user, it'll be optimum, but for serious template modders ... it's far from adequate. You can see for yourself by getting a Beta Blogger Blog ;) and going to the template editor (the layout link from the new dashboard). See what I mean?

That being the state of things... all I have to say is, 'C'mon guys!! Stop teasing us!'


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//Kirk has managed to make the cut and the transition to the new system. He's the only one who I know has done so from the mainstream blogs.//

So you don't consider me as mainstream blogger? Ok fair enough :))) just kidding.

I haven't made the transition because I don't have my invite yet! We're a team blog & they haven't worked out how to move those.

That said, I want to wait 'til the HTML template editor is up, so that I can see how the template migration holds up, and manually restore any custom widgets that get broken! The "golden link" indeed!

@Ramani: I don't consider you a mainstream blogger because you don't have a link to me! Hehe! Just kidding ;) Good to see you've made the switch! That template you use, is it a blogger template? Or a custom made one?

@John: Yes, I apparently forgot that little detail about the team blog. Also, as Avatar points out in the latest post, the reasons might be furthur than lack of technical know how! Let's hope we all get to switch sooner than later!

Aditya, I added the feed link which I forgot to add after migration. Thanks for pointing out with a punch. And I added a link to you too :) My template is straight from Blogger. It's called Scribe!

did anyone make the blogger beta = myspace joke jet?
    Anonymous Anonymous, on Sun Aug 20, 09:31:00 PM  

did anyone make the blogger beta = myspace joke jet?

I believe those have gotten old and stale. Can't be digested even with ketchup! :P

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