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Please note that my blog has changed addresses! It's all new and improved. Hence this old friend of mine had to be left alone. You can visit me at The Last Word (beta). It's all warmed up for you! :)

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I really don't know what to say about this! Definitely a much needed upgrade to the now age-ing hack, this spanned out of someone giving me an offhand feedback (I don't remember at the moment who it was, but thanks!). I managed to work it up because of my latest fascination with PHP and Ning. But just to make things clear, I am not releasing this as a public hack. This is to add functionality on this blog, a feature showcase that it can be done and to show a few people that hackers are still ahead! :)

Native Search Suggest is to Native Search for Google Suggest is to Google search. It feeds off people using it on the blog, and becomes more useful the more it's used. As you start typing your search terms, a list of matching search terms will pop up that people have been searching for on the blog, which you can select using your cursor keys or mouse. In time, I'll add the display of frequency of searches made per term as well. That should tell you which are the most hot terms on the blog! :) Terms which don't return any results are not suggested, and any additions are reflected immediately! Suggestions are sorted by frequency of their use (thanks to Stephen for the code!)

I was quite surprised when Google didn't include a suggest in their AJAX Search API, and well, I'm an impatient guy. So I decided to add it for myself. That makes it Google AJAX Search 0 - 1 Native Search! I must admit, I'll release this as a hack if enough people request it, because it'll need some extra bit of work which I won't put in unless I see people interested.

Effects courtesy of by Thomas Fuchs, and Ning for hosting my PHP. Go ahead, give it a whirl!


Sweet hack, keep up the great work

AWESOME !! Incredible 'tweak' to the hack !

hmm... but what's with this ... I am not releasing this as a public hack. ...

let us have it !!! :D

@D: Thanks! :)

@Effendi: Well, this being the first project after the Native Search that I was thoroughly excited about, I wanted to get it out of the door as soon as possible! Hence, I didn't do much to make it usable by other people. Now I am just a little lazy, and don't want to go and tweak things server side unless enough people show interest in it (I'm trying to get Kirk to use this over his own little search and the Google AJAX Search... shhh! :D)

So basically, I want to have a definite number of users before I make it public since it'll need some more work! But I've counted your vote, so don't worry! :) Thanks!

Grate work dude! keep it up. I can't wait to see the hack...


Thanks c0ldEnd! Me too! I wish people would comment faster and request the hack! :-P

Your blog is one of the best featured blogs i've seen. I specially like the commenting system. I wonder if i can get on like this... I would be glad if you release this hack too. ;)

Cheers again!

this is really cool. now, i don't know too much about hacks and stuff, but this is.... just plain cool.

and what;s with the commenting system! it's AWESOME! i haven't exactly noticed this before, considering i hardly visit this blog, but this work is blatantly outstanding.

congratulations! keep up the great work :D

Hehe! Then you should be visiting this more often, if not for the content, then the stuff I keep putting in! :P

Thanks for the words and for dropping by!

Wow, great work!
Of course I'm willing to use it on my blog if you would be kind enough to let us know how...

    Anonymous Ana, on Tue Jul 18, 04:10:00 PM  

Yeah...let us have another of your hacks.....:D

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