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All blogs have been restored except for the ones that they were initially trying to block. Since Airtel was the last to block, I'm guessing they're the last to restore, which means all other ISPs would have fixed all of it by now! If your blog viewing isn't up and running, give a call to your ISP! Happy blogging!

This is crazy! Till yesterday, I could see my blog and all other blogs on Blogspot perfectly, and when Phydeaux3 pointed out a Blogger Help Discussion Topic about how many people from India were unable to open the domain Blogspot, I confirmed that I still could, and hence it was only ISP specific. Obviously not. As of this morning and of making this post, I can't see my blog, Phydeaux3 or Bloggeratto. A well known redirecter, PKblogs too seems to have been taken down Its working again! I tried it out at 4:15 PM IST, thanks to Effendi!.

The Reason

The reason out is that the government is trying to crack down on terrorist blogs, and this is only temporary. They have sent out notices to the ISPs asking them to block out those domains for the time-being, while they can sort it out. Someone at digg who took the initiative to find out has put up:

Two sources, one inside the Government of India and the other kind of inside/outside have confirmed to the Mutiny, that ISPs are being instructed to 'control' access to blogspot. It seems that some blogs are being used by some terror units (read SIMI) to communicate.

There is a crack down in place. IP numbers are being physically located and identified. All should come back to normal once this operation is over. There is no ban in place. Livejournal and Wordpress have been spared. No reason given.

Now I know you are not going to believe this, so I'm going to quote what she said, "This operation is limited to certain parts of India. Bloggers in Andaman, Nicobar and Lakhsadeep islands are not affected." I thought she was joking but I didn't hear the reciprocal laughter from the other end of the phone line.

Their reasons seem fair enough, but at the end of the day, you have to wonder how this helps India continue the run up to their campaign for Right To Information act recently introduced.

Democracy and RTI

Democracy means government by discussion, but it is only effective if you can stop people talking
Apparently, there are more ways than one in which the RTI act is taking hit. Now, the blocked blogs creates a furthur sense of hypocrisy when you hear those little public service advertisements asking us to wake up to a new India. Is this is how a democracy runs? By blocking content and not saying a word about it to anyone?

Sure, I understand that anything that goes public goes to the terrorists out there too, who are (supposedly) the targets in this sudden spat of idiosyncracy. But maybe a word to us would have atleast let us know what is happening. The RTI act seems to be failing miserably, as is the democracy in the biggest democracy in the world.

We have nothing to do right now but wait for this to pass, because as they have said, it'll pass eventually. Since the main domain has been blocked, no RSS feeds or content will get through to anyone. Thankfully for everyone, I use Feedburner (which thankfully has access to Blogspot) and hence if you subscribe to my feed, you can continue to get updates whether the blog is blocked or not!

I shall keep updating this post as the developments continue!

[Update]:: The block is slowly being lifted now! Apparently it was a gross misunderstanding on the part of the ISPs, or they were just trying to suck up a bit too well! Here's Avatar's article

[Update]: PKblogs is back up for us! Although, I'd still suggest The Cloak


Yeah, this just sucks. I was hoping when we spoke about it the other day that it truly was just a technical glitch affecting some ISP's, but it sure smelled like a block of some sort was going on. And I had been reading earlier how more ISP's were now being affected. Sorry they got to you now, I mean not being able to read Phydeaux3....that's horrible! :-D

And you say the pkblogs redirector is also blocked?? Sneaky.

I guess it's another thing we in the U.S. now have in common with our friends in India. Both of our govts are using the 'threat of terrorism' as an excuse in modifying our rights.

And I didn't know terrorists were bloggers too....apparently everyone is doing it!

I have no doubt the great peoples of India will come together to overcome these actions. Power to the People!!!

And my heartfelt thoughts for those that were lost recently in Mumbai. Believe me, whatever you may think about the US govt, the people of the US are with the people of India.
    Anonymous phydeaux3, on Mon Jul 17, 10:04:00 PM  

"And my heartfelt thoughts for those that were lost recently in Mumbai. Believe me, whatever you may think about the US govt, the people of the US are with the people of India."

Thanks for that Kirk. It truly does suck not to be able to view Phydeaux3! Thankfully, I'm subscribed! :D

They have said that they'll return them to normal once the whole thing is sorted out! But c'mon, it took them one week to figure out that the terrorists used RDX as explosives! Speed is not our thing, apparently!

I don't know how terrorists are using blogs! I've yet to come across a blog which says 'Strap on! Blow Off!'

I guess the government doesn't know about redirectors, illiterate politicians that we have! So right now, thats what I'm having to use to see my own blog! Using a backdoor to my own house! Sheesh!

Lets hope it all gets fixed quickly! :)

for all the bloggers who is blocked try this :

I remember reading it yesterday, and the first thing i thought was "Aditya will have to hop on the ropes", glad you made it, and yeah that all nonsensical crapola about Blogger terrorism, sounds completely insane coming from India of all places...

i mean i can expect this from north korea, but India?..

Oh my, i hope they get their act together soon. and not being able to look a Phydeaux3 is horrible, i don´t know what i would do if i could not see it every morning. and wait....the agony of not being able to check on Bloggeratto?.

I can´t even bear that thought without feeling sad.

Thank goodness for the saving grace of feeds, right? Hehe! This phase does nothing but drive the traffic of Indian bloggers to sites like PKblogs. Also, if terrorists are using blogs to communicate, then blocking them off like these won't help, since the brilliance that is proxies will step in to spoil the fun!

Either the politicians are really dumb to think that the people of the country are dumb (India being a very hot IT hub at the moment), or they are (once again) panicking like a wounded dog, who bites at anything that is in it's sights.

I can see posts on Bloggeratto just fine even by not going to the blog itself! So, its fine there. But lets just say that PkBlogs is seeing a lot more of me these past days!

(By the way, since only Blogspot, Typepad and Geocities has been blocked off, does that mean the Indian government thinks that Wordpress isn't a platform under mass consumption? Have they invariably made a statement about which platforms are easy and worth using these days? :-P )

Well it sucks that now they've released the official list of blogs they were trying to block, I'm nowhere on it. :-(
I'm gonna have to start being more subversive if I want to make the next banned list.
    Anonymous phydeaux3, on Thu Jul 20, 08:00:00 PM  

Well, you can start writing about death threats to the Indian president! That seems to be catching the authorities attention these days! ;)

hahaha, ah Kirk, that was a great chuckle, but don´t worry i can feel you must be in some democrat-left wing-liberal black list.

that would make you happy?

And about killing the indian president.. that sounds like harsh...but if a actual india citizen like you wants to kill him...

(and the sirens go on somewhere around Aditya house)

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