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It was a little while back that a post cropped up on Bloggeratto which explained the difference between a blog, a website, and a (cleverly invented word) blog-site. Yes, that was the time when Avatar was going crazy getting people's terminologies correct! :-P But that did make a lot of sense the third time I read it. It does sit up to explain something that I felt I should bring up here.

The niche blogs

There are all kinds of blogs in cyberspace. There are as many blogs as there are opinions by people. That is understandable because the whole aim of a blog was to allow the presentation of personal opinions. It wasn't long before themed blogs surfaced. These were the blogs which dealt with one (and only one) topic. Be it vague, or specific. Some of the best known themed blogs include Techcrunch, Particletree and many others (look up Technorati). Each one of them deals with just one topic. That is good. It manages to seperate out information for people to look up. Those interested in just one topic can bookmark these blogs, and they'll get most of the info they need without other nitbits creeping in.

The 'sell-out' blogs

That might be a harsh term to use, but they fit the description perfectly. These blogs apparently lack focus, and they exist just for the heck of presenting an opinion. It can have everything from personal rantings to the latest news in two consecutive posts. In short, something that can only be classified as light reading. If you're looking for information, these will the blogs you'll want to avoid. Many personal blogs and hobby blogs come under this. I'm not saying that these blogs are necessarily bad, but it does help me bring about the next point.

The crowd pleaser

Which of those blogs will pull in people? Or specifically, more people. There are people who browse blogs as a way to relax and get away from the daily grimes. But then again, there are ones like me who look to blogs to get personal opinions about the latest on fields of my interest. What answers that question is how many people of each kind are there. Two overlapping sets will give you a better picture in your head.

So, I'm going to open the floor for your opinions, as to which of them do you think really manages to pull people in and become a popular blog; in league with the likes of Techcrunch (78169 subscribers)?


Hahaha.. well, many people will have a hard time beliving it but i did coined the word blogsite back in 99, si unless someone can say he were using it before. that word is mine.

And yeah, it goes as a good way to extended my point in that post about Blogsites.

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