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I guess this had to pop out of its shell sooner than later. But the story dates back to the beginning of this year. If you haven't seen or heard it, in January of this year, Google reported a tremendous increase in the number of its indexed pages. Now, in the normal course of action, this would be brilliant news for any search engine. But slowly, people began to see inaccurate search results, with millions of hits! And TADA!!, we were woken up to Google's indexes bloated with SPAM.

There were articles in and out about how mad the web-masters were at Google because things were worse than usual.

Alarm usually accompanies changes to Google's algorithms, as the new rankings can cause websites to be demoted, or disappear entirely. But four months on from the introduction of "Big Daddy," it's clear that the problem is more serious than any previous revision - and it's getting worse.

That was noted by The Register, and there have been quite a lot of reports where people have complained that their sites either refuse to get indexed, or have been excommunicated by Google. Ofcourse, we've seen sites which have been removed on purpose, but these are not one of those. I have personally seen a few which have gotten indexed, only to get removed the next day. I guess the 'big daddy' update didn't go as planned!

Eric Shmidt (if you read that article at The Register) said that a 'certain large number of Google's servers are full', and that they're 'having huge machine crisis'. That is important to note, because we know how much bandwidth and online storage Google offers, distributed somewhat unevenly throughout their services. So if Google is having toubles, I doubt that other companies are far away.

But Google did buy a new set of algorithms from some Israeli fellow, which is called Orion, which caused quite a bustle within the search giants. I don't know how that has helped increased accuracy, but I guess its not been long enough. Google Operating System has a post about Google's toubles. And Ionut Alex did put up two links which were supposed to return spam results. Upon clicking them today however, they return nothing. There's a nice little screenshot showing the spam results. That can only mean that Google is working to clear SPAM from their servers. That's good news, right?

Ionut also noted that Yahoo! and MSN return very few pages from those spam URLs when searched for.

This is not good for Google. Especially since its been predicted that Google's dominance in searches will not last for long. They'll lead all right, but with a margin nowhere close to the one they have now. The others will catch up by the end of this year, unless Google starts to unveil things other than bombing online applications. Hoping better things from Google, soon!

[Update]: Cristian Streng found a version of a new design experiment for Google results pages. Every result is expandable, and, if expanded, Google shows an extended snippet, related links and important links from the site. Article at Google OS


i wonder who predicted that?, umm.. ;)

and yes, and there is a reason to that spam thing. its a little Google mistep they don´t wanted to solve a year back and that now has gotten a litle out of hand.

its linked to adsense, the very same reason why they only unlist unique spam blogs and only erase automatic mass created spam networks in blogspot.

THIS STILL MAKES MONEY, over the 100 millions mark.

it is obviously out of hand becuase the recent technification upgrade spammer have now, caused by the prosecution and arrest of some of the top ten spammers in the world, right now i can set a synched pc in a remote office administering a server to serve spam and program it off a remotte not located line, meaning no matter if they can trace you, they will get nowhere...

online spam is a 1290 million dollars industry last time i checked.

Not to be the ever Google-lover, but once again I shall point out the reason I use Google for search...


Other search engines may have better results (however Google tends to come out in the top 3 there), however none can match Google for speed. That's the reason I stopped using Wink. Google's just plain faster! And I search because I want that link NOW!

Yes! Google happens to be the fastest of the three top search engines today. But surely relevance will register somewhere when you try to pick a search engine of choice? I'm one of the biggest Google lovers out there (who doesn't know much about their history, but heck!), and even I can admit the fact that Google is slipping.

Google's relevance lasts only till the first 2-3 pages, but surely there are many more pages with relevant content that we're missing out! In our daily use of engines, this hardly comes into play, but just because it doesn't, doesn't rule out the fact that Google needs to change to a few things to keep their dominance, and accuracy intact!

heh, history is not your strong point Aditya, but you have me to cover ay track on that..

and yes it is the fastest engine and i can relate to stephen, "I demand Satisfaction NOW" sentiment but in the end i get very annoyed by unrelevancy.. i have been using live and yahoo now on Flock and well, as it has now automatic search as you type with yahoo and live has also this relevancy sorter.. in terms of search i have switched to both live and yahoo.

I miss my unfiltered 90´s internet search... jedi old.

I never go past the first page of search results... and what I want is usually on the first page anyway :) A 5% drop in relevance for a 1000% increase in speed is worth it ;)

Hehe! Yes! Because 2 seconds is 1.9 too many! :-P

I guess its only time before the SPAM content will begin to show on the first few pages as well. Unless they do something about it! :)

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