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Please note that my blog has changed addresses! It's all new and improved. Hence this old friend of mine had to be left alone. You can visit me at The Last Word (beta). It's all warmed up for you! :)

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Hot on the heels of my previous greasemonkey script, comes a new one! The previous dealt with making it easy for you to tag your posts, pulling your categories out of so that you can add them with one click! This one makes your life easier by bringing you a quick and fast way to find posts related to the one you're currently writing.

Yep! Its second in the line of lazy boy, or as Avatar calls 'em, slacker scripts! Grab the script at the entry.


Tag Adder / Related Post Search scripts

The script effectively looks for posts which have the same words as the one in your title. It then displays those results to the right of your post editor. I am being a little sadistic and styling them to look like Google clippy ads ;) Hehe! You can ofcourse change the look by editing the inline styles in the userscript itself. Look for the addGlobalStyles function. Those familiar with CSS will find themselves in familiar territory!

A nice sideeffect to this script can also be to find posts to link to (which might be unrelated to the current one). A click on the post titles from the results will add them to Hybrid Link Field. Very useful when you have a lot of posts in your blog, and you need to make quick references to them.

Here is a screenshot of both my scripts at work on my post create page


If there are any conflicts with other userscripts or page scripts, please do let me know. Since Johan's post, I'd really like my scripts to work well in tandem with others.

Hope you find it useful! Enjoy!

[Update]: The links to change the values for Blogname and Results count have been made persistent, as asked by Effendi in the comments. More details on the userscript page! :)


This is one useful script for bloggers, a must have one, since it can effectively search posts on your blog. And even on other's blog ;) so you can reference directly to them ;) GREAT! :)

Maybe some suggestions, that the option to change blog name, and blog count would always be visible ;) so that we can change to other's blog or to our blog, in an instant ;)

@Effendi: Done! The update's been explained on the userscript page. I'm just putting up a slight notice on the post! :) Thanks for the suggestion!

Nice Suggestion Efendi..

That addGlobalStyles method is actually available as GM_addStyle in Greasemonkey too, though I'm not going to suggest changing to it, as your version in theory should be more cross-browser, working just as well in, for instance, Opera, with CreamMonkey or Reify Turnabout.

Thanks for the piece of info Johan! Will keep that in mind :)

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