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Does your gaming pc really need any more than 1GB of ram?

Well, it’s high time we summed up the results of our today’s discussion. 1GB of RAM will be enough for almost any mainstream system. This amount of system memory guarantees comfortable work in all contemporary applications. You will even be able to run a few programs at the same time without much trouble when switching between them. The previous generation games will also run without delays with the maximum quality settings, and the latest games released in the end of last year will work fine with medium texture settings.

However, high-performance systems have to get 2GB of RAM. Gamers feel the need for this amount of system memory more than anybody else, if they want to be able to play the latest games with the high-quality image settings. Moreover, 2GB of RAM or even more than that will be very handy for professionals working in “heavy” applications processing large amounts of data.

So, I have every right to state that hardware enthusiasts do need 2GB of RAM in their systems. And this need will keep growing with the time. Therefore, we are going to take a closer look at the 2GB memory kits from the leading memory makers available in the today’s market in our next article. Especially, since we have already proven: the best way to install 2GB of RAM into your system is to get a 2-DIMM kit with 2x1GB modules.

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