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Sometime back, I had written about how a fight with a friend had compelled me to reflect, stand back and see the bigger picture (here). At that time, she had asked me to back off from her problems, because she could handle them herself. But now, I can see someone else going through the same thing because of me, and I see a regular pattern in this little arguments.

Friends aren't there to leave you alone. Friends, and by that I mean the ones who care for you a lot and to whom your presence matters, are there to bail you out when you can't do it yourself. Friends will not be able to see you undergo pain and suffering, and not do anything about it, because it hurts them to see you like this too. They are almost like extensions of you, who can feel and understand the pain at almost the same level as your do. Don't push them away.

Its hard to get friends who can be that close. If you think that friends come and friends go ... I'm sorry. You're viewpoint on life at the moment might be too good and happy to be realistic. But you'll feel it when one of them walks out of your life. You'll feel the hurt to know that you'll never be able to talk to that person the same way you used to, and feel love and care for them the same way that you used to. It'll hurt you to know that they will not call you when they know that you're crying or hurting, and they will not be there to comfort you when something goes wrong. That's one person you can count out of your life.

It might not sound much of a big deal when you read it here, but you'll see. There are two ways of dealing with friends. Caring for them more than they care for you, and doing everything you can to see them happy, or being normal and moderate, and not care if they are there or not. Both are wrong, but atleast, the former makes you both happy to a certain degree. When things go wrong, it's your friends who'll be there for you, no Tom Dick or Harry will. Cherish what you have, not many people do. Don't push them away.

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