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A month back there were talks of a PC being made by Google and sold through Walmart, known as Google PC. Now there are rumours spreading that they might be working on an operating system based on Linux. Google has already been in the process of switching their in-house computers to Linux. Now, they are working on their own version of Ubuntu and planning on making it available to the public as an alternative to Windows, and a free OS. A quote from

"It's possible Google plans to distribute it to the general public, as a free alternative to Windows," wrote Register writer Ben King. Google representatives were not available for comment, but the company has in the past denied such rumors.

Speculation that Google was eyeing the desktop space has circulated for months. The search company recently released a package of desktop tools, including Google Talk, Google Desktop, Mozilla Firefox, and Trillian instant messenger.

It'll actually be fun to see how this story evolves! Stay tuned! :)

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