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A few news updates over at Operawatch shows that Opera still has a few aces up their sleeves when it comes to browser designing and functionality. After all, Opera has spent more than 6 times the amount of time Firefox has in the browser market scene. But these two updates, if they look like what they are, should land the biggest blow to Firefox yet...

Widget Support

This is touted to be Opera's answer to Firefox's extensions. Widgets in the literal sense are small programs that run on the desktop, or the application which supports them. Its not clear at the moment if these widgets will run inside the Opera application, or run on the desktop and use Opera's engine. But good times are on the way for the Opera community (and I can see a very good reason for me to go back!). Original article here.

Tab Thumbnails

When one hovers over a tab, they'll get to see a thumbnail preview of the contents of that tab. This feature is there in the latest beta of IE7, but Firefox's engine prevents something like this from being added. The closest one can come to this is by using certain extensions like viamatic foxpose. But Opera will have this without any addons. Original article here.

I see good times for Opera lovers! And widgets will certainly get people buzzing with excitement at the prospect of getting to code for Opera. :D


I think changing the name of Opera's "User JavaScript", which is comparable to Firefox's GreaseMonkey, will also have a positive effect on it's quest for a greater market share -- at least with the computer savvy people.

i think it will, yes!

my biggest reason for switching back to firefox was however the extensions
. there are so many tools which through extensions make life simpler (the first which deserves a mention is performancing for firefox).

user javascript, as far as i think, will not make such a big difference, because not many people who'll be using opera will be using it for the amount of power it gives. firefox still remains the browser of choice for that, and it will for a long time -- or until opera goes open source, which as tretchzner (sp) has said, won't happen for quite a while!


Opera can do much more as firefox out of the box. User scripts are also much older as greecemonkey ups. I never got the point of performanching. What is so great about it? It looks to me as if they forgot to add a description of the thing to the front page? I'm sure they can write the same thing for Opera if they wanted to.

The big annoyance of firefox is that it doesn't fill out passwords half the time. It trashes cookies, leaks memory and the rss reader just sucks. I could BUY Roboform to get back half the options opera has. Could install Sage for firefox but it's really bad compared to a real rss reader.

I don't use the IRC and the mail client that much but it's much better as the "nothing of the kind" firefox offers. I only use firefox because I want to see what a site looks like to it's owner. Most sites are still designed for ff.

I think the real nerds are using IE 7 now. :--)

Yes, Opera can do much more than Fx out of the box. But wasn't this suppose to be Fx's sellling point? They promised the foundation, on which a powerful and fully customised browsing experience could be built? If you go to forums (especially Digg) and read what they are writing about the new Firefox alpha, which comes with a lot of features 'out of th box', you'll see that they're not happy about it! They love Fx because its slim and trim!

Don't forget that Fx is just about 2 years old. Opera has been here for some 8-9 years. By the Fx reaches that time span, I'm sure its going to be as good, if not better. All these niggles are already being cleared out. Try out the RSS handling in the new alpha 2, its amazing.

Yes! I still hate IE, no matter what version it is. Even if it starts backing standards, it'll never be able to match up to Fx simply because of the mucked up reputation that goes along with it now. Plus, Fx does more than IE and can be added on to do much more. IE just bakes my noodle everytime!

Thanks for dropping by Gabs!

I think this is the future:

Look how far ahead adobe and macromedia are already. We are big jokes with our HTML pages?

I put your official reply here btw. :-)

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