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I don't know if what I'm feeling right now will change by tomorrow when I wake up, or it will make a difference to anyone. But heck! I've always loved small surprises, and hints at love and care. I have always, whenever I've had arguments, asked my friends to show those little gestures which show that they care, and they appreciate the friendship and the friend. In your face, out of the way actions usually don't work as well as those little words and actions. You would have seen it yourself. A small card will and a smile will stay with you longer than your friend lending you their new Ferrari for a day. Its how we humans work, and its how emotions work. I don't know why, but well, thats just the way it is! Secondly, I found out today that the right side of the brain is the more creative and emotional side, while the left side is logical and practical. Its very easy to see which side of my brain is more developed! :P Its suprising that creativity and emotions are both linked to just one side, and both those traits are in me so strongly. My right half must be very developed! So, back to the little gestures! From time to time, give your friends small surprises. They don't have to be diamond studded necklaces, or the most expensive perfume in town. It can be a small card, or a box, or anything that they can carry around with them in their wallet or purse, which will remind them of you everytime they see it! Its amazing how things like those work, where big and expensive gifts fail. Human's are complicated beings. Don't try to understand them, your life isn't long enough. Plus, its not too much fun that way either! :D Filed Under: ,


try and explain this to some of our hollywood celebrities ;)

i agree... but how many people do you know how DO such stuff anyway? i mean, i know that I'M known for giving people cards and stuff, ;) but in the long run, all I ever end up with is wind chimes and stupid books i never read and stuff. so that's that.

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