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Please note that my blog has changed addresses! It's all new and improved. Hence this old friend of mine had to be left alone. You can visit me at The Last Word (beta). It's all warmed up for you! :)

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I remember once someone said, 'The beast is waking', talking about Microsoft and sudden spat of changes that have undergone. I'm being very optimistic when I try to say something like that for our very dear and beloved Blogger. It all started with a series of upgrades as pointed out by the Blogger Status blog. We knew something was happening, but couldn't point to anything except them trying to upgrade it from ageing servers.

But with the latest development, the signs are too many to ignore! As I said in my comment over at Phydeaux3, I really do think the plans have started, or are very close to begin rolling. As Avatar points out in his post:

Because a lot of creativity is put at work when thinking about categories that is still the number one feature that blogger lacks and cannot provide at this time because not having enough server power at the disposal of the blogger platform so it can get upgraded as it should. the Blogger System it is now in constant upgrading and tweaking, some features come and go without no one noticing them, and other are still waiting their moment.

On the road to Blogger 2.0

I am keeping that belief that soon we'll be seeing back to back launches of features within Blogger. My theory is that Google realizes that its neglected its most widely used service for too long, and others have overtaken it long back. With MSN Spaces Live going, well, live today; Google is going to begin upping the pace of upgrades, while trying to keep a low profile (like it always has) until the day of launch!

Keep your eyes peeled to the horizon! You won't wanna miss the new dawn!


Yes i think this is it. this signal must be taken seriously, i mean, have you tried live spaces already?, way way better than before. this is finally the thing to battle myspace.

So, yeah Blogger need to put its act together right away. i feel that we will have the some kind of updates in septemeber at most.


probing comments!

Wait for the Blogger update. If they change the look again to something better than this... man! I'll start promoting it too!

If you ask me the competition should only be between Wordpress and Blogger, Spaces shouldn't be counted as a competitor because its clearly not a blogging platform. But someone explain the advantages of having Blogger/Wordpress blogs to the common man ... I dare you!

Sheesh! Anyway, if you say September, I'll look out in September, but for now, Blogger is quite good! It allows people to think and come up with their own stuff! Thats all I need.

Well the revolution has started. We don't have to rely on guessing anymore, it's here.
Beta Blogger

    Anonymous phydeaux3, on Mon Aug 14, 06:10:00 PM  

Indeed kirk... indeed.. and who... ah forget it, i wil not stqte obvious..


This is awesome! The news has been in the offing for way too long! And a what a strong set of features they launch with? Haha! Awesomeness! :-D

I know the features are industry standard now, but This is just a time for celebration that we shouldn't miss out on! Its not everyday something as close to us as Blogger undergoes such a big revamp! :)

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