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Shikha's post made me think on a certain tangent that that I think about a lot of the time, but always make a conscious effort to not to say anything about it. However, I guess somethings I better said than not. Yes, conversations are important. The ability to make conversation, and learn something, impart something is a gift very rarely seen amongst people. However, not such a big part depends on it, and its not only your relationships (romantic) which depend on the aforementioned skills. I, being a fairly silent person, don't speak up about what I feel that easily. Here, I'll seperate an opinion from a feeling. A person might be vocal about his opinions, yet be an introvert ... which is what I am to a certain level. But a conversation is not just about presenting one's opinions about an idea or a topic. A conversation his when two or more people have an understanding of the subject, and can present valuable points, arguments, facts or any details to augment theirs and others knowledge about that subject (I hope my formation of the definition is accurate enough). Now, for the basing of this post... I know people always hold it true to their heart that in their relationships, they have never complained and let the other person know when they (the person) were hurt by what they (their friend) said. And since they saved their friend the discomfort of this fact, they should be reverred higher, and should be treated the same way ... if not placed higher. Now, first I'll present my opinion, then ask for your comments. As far as my belief goes, silence does more damage than presentation. By remaining silent about an incident, you're keeping the knowledge about the consequences of someone else's actions from them, denying them the opportunity to correct it and not make it in the future. By keeping silent, you're adding to things that will remain in your memory as things that you've absorbed and taken from others. By keeping silent, you'll have a uni-point of view scenario, and hence not see the broader picture which might have made it easier for you to understand what happened, and the reasons. I'll agree that I know the pitfalls of my own prerogative and yet I refuse to give it up, but that is only because I have seen people regard me as a 'cribbing' and 'selfish' person when I've tried to say something to them about me and what I go through. Now, I'd like to know if what I think is right ... and what do you think about people who don't say anything about what they go through, keep shut and just accept the situation rather than change it, and change themselves. I'll leave you with a few quotes ...
There's a silence surrounding me I can't seem to think straight I'll sit in the corner No one can bother me I think I should speak now I can't seem to speak now My words won't come out right I feel like I'm drowning I'm feeling weak now But I can't show my weakness I sometimes wonder Where do we go from here Why won't you talk to me You never talk to me What are you thinking What are you feeling Why won't you talk to me You never talk to me What are you thinking Where do we go from here
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"Conversations"(honestly i'm quite sick of this word now hehe ;))are not judged by their verbacity, volume or even style. If this wasn't true then all our political leaders, salesmen etc. would be the only ones successful in our society. A conversation "clicks" with another person as you very rightly pointed out..when both share some knowledge regarding a certain issue or if both people share a similar level of thinking.
"but that is only because I have seen people regard me as a 'cribbing' and 'selfish' person when I've tried to say something to them about me and what I go through."
Frankly,either such people are not capable of understanding you or they're just making a mistake in their attempts.
As for your's myquestion
Do you really think it's worth calling a person a friend(etc.) when you're afraid of sharing your feelings with him/her?
While silence can be very powerful(dont underestimate that) at the right time..i just want to say that by being silent about ones feelings is not being heroic (nor is it a stoic feat) it's just refusing to face the reality and falling victim to self-pity, which probably seems the only companion at such a time.
However, one must share ones feelings with those who can understand them and accept them.
Hope that was helpful (and not as boring as it seems to me lol)

At some level, I do believe that everyone gets sick of a person (no matter how close or how far) if they are sad most of the time. Everyone has problems, and everyone has to find a way to solve them.

At the end of the day, we are alone ... no matter how many people are there around us. And that is the truth that not many people understand and accept!

You are probably, right ... that such a person shouldn't be a friend. But what if you can't hel p but be in love with a such a person ... no matter how bad, mean or insensitive they are ... because at some point of time, they were the sole reason for your happiness. They were the reason you'd look forward to a day ... how do you not care about someone like that...?

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