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Even though the whole meaning of 'love' has been dwindling in my mind, its thrill and warmness slowly losing their charm, I'll still like to touch upon this little thing that I wrote about a long time back (two years ago), yet makes a lot of sense even now. There are two main kinds of people in this world, and a third which is reminiscent of one of the two main kinds. There are many different sayings and quotable quotes on love, out of which one of my favourites being...
To love is to give someone else the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to!
It's a very well said line, and always comes back to haunt me everytime I think about my 'that-special-someone'. Love, as far as my thoughts guide me, don't give meaning to life. Rather, the lives of two people give meaning to the love between them. This play of words may get very interesting for few, boring for others, but if you can, try and make sense out of it. Love is never the final destination, it is rather the journey. Many people might misunderstand this concept. They think that by 'going-out' with a person (or the love of their life), they will be together through thick and thin. It's really good to hear, but then nothing on earth comes for free. Everything needs some amount of work to be put in, and love is no exception. By 'going-out', you're actually starting of a journey, which will test both of you. You're in for a treat and the time of your life! Its not easy to see yourself through, and many have been driven to do things they never thought they would, especially for another person, but then again, love is the realisation that someone other than you is for real! Its only the strong and determined who eventually succeed. Even if they don't, at the end, have the person they like with them, they have the experience and feelings which make them a better person. Only good can come out of good. What makes a difference, is what you perceive that good to be ...

I am a very paradoxical person. Who knows, in a fit, I might oppose everything that I've written down in this little post. Who knows? But the fact still remains. You can't take love for granted. Even if love does give you a reason to look forward to the day, a sense of satisfaction that at the end of the day, you'll dream about that special 'someone' and everything will seem alright, its only electrical signals interpreted by your brain! Love is really not giving you the meaning of life, its giving you a support system to hold your life up to. Kind of like a creeper needing to be able to grow. I'll leave you with one final quote I have remembered...
You should not look to your love to complete you as a person. If you do, then you'll invariably end up with two incomplete souls.

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