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We 've heard so many times that heart feels, and the mind thinks (here), but have we really thought how true this is? If you see from a biological point of view, the heart is just an organ which pumps blood to all the different parts of the body. The sensation of pain, is felt when that certain part of the body is not getting enough supply of blood, or some external agent is causing its function to be oppressed / not be easily performed / needing more effort than it can muster. Now, we hear the phrase 'broken heart'. Where did that come from? Does the heart reduce the blood flow to a certain part of the body, causing us to feel pain? Does the heart think, and understand like the mind? Does the mind itself feel, and hence send signals to the heart which causes the restricting action? Who was it that associated feelings with the heart? I'd love to know, because that person would not be very good at biology ... if he thought that the heart could feel. We know that the only intelligent muscle in the body is the brain. Its intelligence lies in the different parts of the body its connected to. A brain works as a rerouter of signals. It takes the signal from a limb or a sensory organ, and routes them to a different part, which results in an action. That theory, is based on my understanding of the brain (I do not have biology as a subject! :P) Every feeling is connected to the other, we all know that. If you feel happy, you won't help but feel sad about something, even though the dominant emotion at that moment is happiness. So, if feelings are connected, shouldn't their sources be too? Shouldn't there be a connection (even if its as thin as a thread) between the mind and the heart, which causes a human being to maintain rationality in the face of emotional crisis? Too many questions ... Any answers or counter theories anyone? [to be continued] Filed Under: ,


I have got detailed answers for almost all ur questions.....

ironically, the person i'm in "love" with told ME that it was just a reaction of phenylethylamine in my brain. he told me i'd get "over it" just as i'd get over the taste of ice cream after finishing it.

how long is it before this ice cream finally melts?

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