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Its a known fact that regular people, in a regular life are sick and tired of the monotonous routine they follow everyday. The same steps over and over again, which promise to drive one mad after a certain point of time. As so dutifully pointed out in the chapter Machines And Emotions, what drives humans to madness is not any mental defect, but the lack of a 'break' from the general regime of everyday tasks.
Men have physical needs, and they have emotions. While physical needs are unsatisfied, they take first place; but when they are satisfied, emotions unconnected with them become important in deciding whether a man is to be happy or unhappy
Everyone is constantly trying to find new and exciting ways to break away from this reality that we've managed to chain ourselves into. Which is why books, pieces of literature, media ... anything which manages to deviate from the path of the realm of the real, no matter how pathetic an attempt it might be, gets recognition because the writer/author is said to have exemplary imaginative abilities!

The main focus with this is to bring to light the nature of video games, which constantly border on crossing over completely over the horizon, and show us a world which only exists in our minds, not in front of our eyes. When such a world is finally presented to us, and we can feel our presence almost to the level of reality, we can't help but get sucked into it. This was probably the initial selling point of my favourite game to-date, Half-Life. The game caught you by your neck, and plunged you into an environment of chaos, where everything you did changed something ... and it managed to blend in reality with the make-believe to such a level, that though being nothing great technologically (except the artifical intelligence, which was frighteningly realistic and aggressive), was one heck of an experiece to play and enjoy! A very good way to get the adrenaline going and your brain working overtime! The game really put your senses to their maximum alertness ... an effect your job would never do (unless you work for the defences!).

That is why fantasy books and the genre of fiction, is so well recieved among people -- kids mostly, because the hectic school life, parents badgering, friends fighting and arguing ... they need some time off. And nothing better than getting transported to a place where magic and powers exist! :) I know the feeling, being one of the biggest fans of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy!

So! Find ways to make your life interesting. Nobody else is going to come and make it fun for you! Learn to keep yourself busy, and you'll (guaranteed) be happier and more cheerful than you have been all this while! :D

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