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Phenylethylamine is known as the "love drug" and is thought be be the reason why chocolate is said to be an aphrodisiac. It is a chemical that mimics the brain chemistry of a person in love, so when levels of phenylethylamine are high in the body it relieves depression from unrequited love. This is one of the reasons so many women love chocolate - it really is a mood elevator! Sure, this helps me, it totally makes me FALL in LOVE with CHOCOLATE. Ok, This valentine's day i TOTALLY got wished by people. By MALES. Yes. It's a different issue that the males were just Yaman Verma and Kevin vaide and varun nath and pranai agarwal. Oh, heck. Even HOT GUY didn't wish me. I really am overdosed with phenylethylamine.


Do you even know what the molecular formula for phenylethylamine is? :P
And why do only women have to turn to chocolate, if the reasons are the same as you allude to? why do women have to always be considered the sensitive gender, the ones who feel all the pain...?

wait lemme figure
ok phenol is C6H5OH
ethyl is of course CH2
amine is NH2
so C6H5OH-CH2-NH2??
totally did this myself btw
um.. well, it's been ages since we've been considered the "weaker sex" will not comment upon that..let's just say ive been eating a lot of chocolate lately...

uh..can't women eat chocolate for some other reasons...believe me it's not only depressed..despo females who have a go at chocs??? i mean how can neone keep phenyethylamine in mind when devouring on a chocolate?!!!? and really no one's stopping men from ravishing on em chocs aditya if that's what ur frustrated about ;)

A fair attempt akanksha ... but the actual thing (if my chemistry is not that screwed up!) will be --> C6H5-NH2-H5C2

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