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Thanks to Sonali for her brilliant answer to my last post (here), I have another flurry of questions that need answering. I came up with these while trying to study physics. That is probably why I love physics. The subject makes me think, which activates my brain, because of which I get these random but logical fits of thought and reasoning! Isn't it fascinating? we all love someone sometime Why do we fall in love with other people? What is it in them that we find so attractive that we agree to devote most of our concerns and care to their well being? What is it tht sets them apart from others, and makes you love them, and the not the person behind them?

Why do we love?

I refuse to believe that love is just a reaction of a few chemicals in the brain, simply because love in itself is such a complicated feeling that people have died for it. Surely a chemical alone is not responsible for it! Is it in a quest to complete ones'self? Or keep that one person so close that you'll know that you aren't alone fighting this world and trying to live a life...? Is it just the feeling of being loved that drives us to love others? If it is all this ... then why look for someone else's love, when all these feelings exist within your house and amongst your family?

Surely its not because of the physical aspect of a relationship? That is not love then ... is it? If that is so, then the only difference between your family and your spouse is sex ... which does sound absurd! Its blatantly confusing. I guess we'll never truly figure out what drives us to seek love outside the four walls of our house (more than four for the architecturally challenged :P)

At this point of time, I'd prefer my parents and my family's love to anyone elses, because atlesat my family's love is fixed. Its content and constant. I won't lose it because of the way i dress, look or talk to them. Similarly, I don't love them because of the things they buy for me ... I love them because they are my support system, who are always there to help me and lookout for me whenever I might need them. And I am willing to do the same, as soon as I am capable of doing such a thing...

I don't think we'll ever realise why is it that we love ... family or anyone else...!

[edited] i realised how dangerously close this comes to Valentine's Day. this is not meant to diss anyone who might enjoy celebrating the day with their 'loved' one. This also has no connection to any person living or dead. Any similarities is accidental and unintentional. [continuation of Love Is Only A Feeling]


yes man, WHY DO WE?
i mean. why do we think that there are certain people "worthy" of our damned cardiac tissue. why just them man? why can't i fall in love with mani ratnam? or johnny depp?

this is too much!

maybe the reasons dont matter that they? you just love because you feel good about it..because it's a beautiful magical feeling that makes you feel special. And about physics...mmmm..too much to about stimulation!!i cud go on foreva on physics (u probably noe that hehe)
Defn..ones family is always gonna be a major support system ..and they're among the very few who'll always love you for who you are as a must cherish their depths of love and their'll probably never feel alone then :)

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