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There are many kinds of people on earth. Some of them become your friends, some of whom become your very good friends. You get attached to them on a much deeper level, and then slowly and steadily they become such an integral part of your life that you can't imagine your life without them, and you can't understand how did you live without someone like them not in your life. Has it ever happened to you?

Well, its happened to me. But as human beings go, they can't be understood no matter how hard you try. If someone says that there is someone who understands them inside out, they are wrong ... and if someone says that there is no-one who understands them, they are yet again wrong. Complicated we might be, but it takes a human to understand a human. I have always preached the fact that one should not let their friends go, no matter if the friend wants to remain a friend or not ... because as they say, true friends are hard to come by, and harder to keep.

However, when I thought about it, it dawned that maybe if a person is trying so hard to get away from you, they won't appreciate the amount of work you're putting into them either. Also, if a relationship needs so much work to exist, when will it allow time to be enjoyed and gained from? It won't, and thats why maybe letting people go is probably the saner and sensible thing to do. What's bad is the aftermath of such an ordeal and how it might affect one of the two.

People have always been confused about my definition of a really good friend. They think I confuse the concept of a very good friend, and a girlfriend. Somewhere, I admit that the line does get blurry for me time to time, but I know when the line is reached, and must not be crossed over. My troubles are not because of something I said or did, but because of confusions and misunderstandings that have come between me and friends. You might say that if we were such good friends, misunderstandings shouldn't take us apart ... and you're right, to a certain level. You forget that friendships are as fragile as love is, since they are both from the heart. A small thorn of something like a misunderstood incident or word in the side can bloody the entire foot.

I only hope that such mistakes are minimized in your life, and that you have happier and understanding, appreciating friends for your own!


When holding on to a relationship(whatever name you want to give it) damages it even's better to loosen your grip. Maybe time is a good healer.But don't rely on time alone..learn to move on. There's a hidden good behind every experience.

Hmmm......I think I have some clue of wot u r talkin about and who u r talking about...
True friends are definetly hard to keep ...but the question here is how do you know that they r ur true friends????
Many a times u realise the depth of their friendship when u lose them ....right ? Then wot do u do?....would u still call it a misunderstanding???

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