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There have been many arguments, and today, this topic is looked to as a fool's way of appearing intellectual. yet, its relevance in our lives right now is undeniably underanalyzed. people dismiss the ones who brave a face to complain against the system as one of the herd, but they don't see what the system has done, and is capable of doing to the future of this country. we, the school going students are touted the future generation and the ones who'll lead the nation into a new age. our english textbooks are filled to the brim with stories of sacrifice for the nation, and speeches made by influential leaders bidding the youth to dedicate their efforts and exertions to the betterment of the nation. j.s. rajput was accused of 'saffronising' the textbooks of class X, after which the curriculum was revised to look at life a bit more widely. however, the ghosts of the past come back to bite the posteriors of those who don't deal with it then and there. the motive of such provoking and baseless stories and poems are clear. they want us to learn to appreciate the country, and what it has done for us. by constantly bombarding us with nationalistic text, they think they can influence some of us to paint our faces saffron, white and green, and roam the streets cleansing it of the dirt which our forefathers and fathers have let settle throughout their times. they want to invoke the principals and patriotism that they couldn't inculcate in the past generations. little do they know, that with each passing generation, we become smarter and wide eyed. we understand more than what we see and hear. we speak less than what we mean and want. we know exactly what we want from life, and we rather mould our life than be a puppet in the mere hands of communist masters. with our examinations a mere month away, everyone is gruelling over text and facts few still follow and apply. instead of letting us approach life practically, we are made to understand the origin and the basics of every theory and conclusion from the pages of history. the reason? because we can't write a book without knowing the alphabet (or so they say). such idiosyncracies are a worthless waste of time, that prove nothing ... and result in nothing. yes. india does crank out the greatest brains and the greater work force than any other country in the world, but that is because the plastered mindset of parents to push their kids to go into high paying fields. engineering and medicine, even today, are the most sought after career options. about 20% of the total population has ever tried to break away from the norm and explore the other options available to them. i am glad to say that i am one of the 20%. parents put more pressure than anyone else. all in the name of wanting only the best. but how do they know the best when they have seen what their parents have shown them, and they have only followed what their ancestors have? it takes confidence to believe in ones'self, and break away from the norm. only a select few can achieve that. and its those select few, who can change the system ... and break the shackles of slumber!
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