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sometimes we do things that we're not proud of. things at which we look back and think, 'why oh why did i do that?'. things which you'll never want others to know ... if they don't already know. everyone has done something like that or the other, and everyone has seen what the consequences can be. i'm not here to tell you how bad you've been, and how disrespectful and derragatory you are. i'm here to praise you.

not a lot of people understand the folly in their actions. not many see that they've done something wrong. hypothetical justifications to suit ones situation is the first refuge of the guilty mind. and so strong is the temptation, that people actually begin to believe that that is exactly what happened, and they are not the guilty but the victim! that, is not who you are!

you are one of the many few, who have understood, analyzed and accepted the fact that what you did was wrong, and because of your actions the ones around you might have felt hurt, offended, or did not leave with a very good feeling. atleast you know that much. that is the best start. knowledge provokes thought. and thought, leads to actions. now, you'll begin to rectify the mistakes, and come out more learned and better for the experience. you will think twice before making the same decision and choice again.

having said that, i don't also mean that what you did can be justified, and its not that wrong. it was wrong, and thats why you should analyze and understand that it should not be done again. depending on the magnitude of this mistake, things should be considered and corrected. your life isn't long enough to make the same mistake more than once ... especially something that might cause harm to others or yourself in anyway.

i don't mean to sound like a spiritual lecturer, but this comes from something that happened last night. i'm not proud of it, neither do i feel guilty about it. i just think it was an experience that i should have gone through to understand why its wrong. hopefully, you have people around you to show that its wrong, like i did. i thank them (they know who they are) and hope, you go away feeling better and more educated after reading this.

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