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Please note that my blog has changed addresses! It's all new and improved. Hence this old friend of mine had to be left alone. You can visit me at The Last Word (beta). It's all warmed up for you! :)

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The internet has evolved from a static garbage dump to a dynamic superhighway of information. People are slowly beginning to see the and appreciate what the internet can finally end up being (if you can imagine the upper limit to the evolution), and hence are slowly beginning to devote time and effort to understand how this mammoth actually works.

For us coders, its not an easy task. Building flashy content, easy to use web pages with maximum functionality does come at a cost! The huge amount of raw code! Now, if you're like me (and have a blog on blogger), you would be editing your template a good deal of the time ... and using blogger's online template editing form to do so. Isn't it a pain to add and remove stuff from it? You can't indent anything, and can't search for anything either.

Recently, I spent about half an hour trying to add a new hack to the blog (which i posted about), and the only reason I spent that much time was that my template code was a wreck ... and it was impossible to see it after two months and figure out what was what, and what did what! I eventually figured out what was happening, and from there it took me a minute to implement the code.

What this did was add the guilty feeling of having a cluttered blog template. So now its been cleared out, anyone who comes to my blog and wants to see how I've done what to implement what, can view the source, and they'll be presented with a neatly formatted template which is easy to understand and reproduce. Such a step makes it easy for people to learn from your advancements, and saves you the time of explaining each and everything to them.

I hope my fellow bloggers and coders will agree with me on this, and try and adopt a similar approach for their blogs! There are quite a few out there which do provide some good case studies for features and addons! :)

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Sounds good to me.

One question: What does the blue transparent page that pops up when you load this blog say?

Hehe! that blue is not a page, its a clever little bit of javascript that had struck me coming up with the previous hack.

It says 'Loading...' and informs the user that this page looks best in firefox and opera, and in any other browser it might not render correctly! :)

it was meant to be for people will slower connections, but I can see there are enough people with speeds more than 500kbps :P

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