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I still remember how I came into the blogger scene. I had tried my hand at blogging a few times in the past, but never managed to keep at it. I started feeling guilty when I was not updating it, so both the times I deleted my previous blogs. But this time, the one I started in January of this year, I planned to keep and decided to write about things I was passionate about. Google, Music, the internet, everything. I was already into CSS and HTML so didn't take long for me to start experimenting with my blog layouts and the look. I've always been something of a nit-picker when it comes to looks and stuff. So I had to do it my way, wasn't going to stick with what Blogger handed to me! :)

Anyway, in about two months, I started looking for things to add to my blog seeing all the really cool categories, ads and stuff people were adding to their own blog. My first third party application that I ever added to my blog was probably Freshtags!. I still remember posting 2 comments over at Freshblog telling them that it wasn't working for me! Hehe! Now, I have my own categories which I coded and built from scratch! Not only that, I also made my own Blog Search, and a couple of more hacks which have been used over quite a few blogs and appreciated by many! :) So, I'm going to take this opportunity here to thank a few people who've helped me reach where I am (wherever that is! :P). Note that the tribute list below is is no particular order! You'll figure out who've played major roles as you keep reading!

I'm going to start with John and Greg, who were the first people to ever answer my comment! :P Greg's Freshtags got my interested in coding and getting seriously involved with Blogs and Blogger. If it wasn't for Freshtags!, there probably wouldn't have been an Aditya on the blogger scene! (Not one with my face atleast!)

The next person, and who's always egged me to do the stuff that I have been doing, will be Avatar. I saw him first comment over at Freshblog!, and then cut me off over at Blogger Help Google Group. Later on we started talking, and became good friends, and now we have a joint venture in Bloggeratto. He's the man behind the ideas (most, not all! :P) behind the hacks, and truly a great guy! Thanks for being there man! Appreciate every single day of it!

Then comes the list of all my non-geeky-internet-friendly friends who are constantly in awe of all that I keep doing, and invariably give me way too much appreciation than I deserve, but which I cherish and really motivates me to work, if for nothing else to see their reaction. People like Akanksha, Shikha, Sonali (who thinks my blog is really professional), and a few others keep coming and going! Thanks guys for everything!

And ofcourse, those who have helped me with my hacks! Johan, Singpolyma and the latest and really nice guy, Kirk! Couldn't have done it without these guys either!

Thats about it for this sentimental post! Don't know what made me put it up, but I just thought I should let the one's who've made a difference know, before I don't get a chance to!

Now, as Avatar would say, back to pimping me and hacking!!

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thanks :P
ur blog's great! keep it up :)

Awww thanks Aditya, response has being posted... and to everyone reading this comments thread must know:

Yeah, am as cool as aditya states..


Hey thanks for the mention, that's cool.

You got a lot of nice hacks/ideas brewing up over here, and if I've helped any (don't think you really need much help) then I plan on getting it back by stealing stuff from you in the future.

I've got an eye on the inblog search results right now...hmmmm. :-D

Keep up the great work!
    Anonymous phydeaux3, on Sun May 21, 08:48:00 PM  

Thanks for the mention :D Your in-blog search is looking very cool now. One thing that bothers me about your template is the blue screen one must wait through at first... I hate waiting for the whole template to load before getting content.

I'm glad that it was my lame code that inspired you to say "Hey, wait a sec ... I can do better than this crap!"


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