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For quite a while now, I've been hooked to API's and how to get data out of existing machines from the internet giants. I was pointed towards Yahoo! (Developer Area) by Greg, and the moment I reached there, the sheer variety of services which can be called straight from their API was exciting. Although as happens when you're flooded with too many options at one go, I hit the biggest creative block I have in a while, which is why I've gone off coding for a while after my Native Blog Search.

Now that I want to get back at it, I tried going over to Google (Google Code) to have a look at what all they offer. I had seen their API's being flaunted over at Labs, but never really got around having a look. Now that I have, I am a little disappointed. None of their API documentations describe the use of Javascript to make calls to their API. My knowledge is a little low with API's at the moment, because I just started, but even if it is somewhere there, they should make it as clear as Yahoo! has. Yahoo!'s presentation, documentation and explanation was really amazing. It atleast compelled me to give it a try.

I'm afraid Google turned me away from their's. I encountered a lot of areas where Google should try and up themselves, if they want to become bigger with developers. Their lack of RSS or JSON's for their main web search also makes for a huge drawback. I can understand why they wouldn't do that, since it eats away at their adsense revenue, but still...

Final word from me, is that Google really needs to up their feeds, and API usability with javascript. If I'm wrong about the javascript part, someone point me in the right direction. They can make it big there, and I hate to see Yahoo! overtaking Google there because of a simple overlook (I think). Especially because frankly, Yahoo! is nothing compared to Google when it comes to search!

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the map api is cool?

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