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I had this conversation with my mom quite a while back, that why is this upliftment of women such a big thing in India? Why is it being used to sell every little thing that has to do with women? Women oriented serials, women oriented media ... everything!

Ok, so women in India were held under subjugation for a long period of time. Fine, there were no suffragette movement, and whatever position the women have gained, is because of their role in the freedom struggle (thank you Panicker), but does that mean it is supposed to be celebrated like this? Do we celebrate and pedestalise people like Sanjeev Kapoor for being one of the best cooks in India, because cooking is (traditionally) a women's department? What kind of idiosyncracy is this?

Any self-respecting woman will explain her motivation to foray into a field as her want to tread those waters, and make a name for herself. Not because women everywhere are matching men in every sphere, and hence she is also trying to do her part in putting women up at par with men. I have heard 50 year old aunties give this as a reason for managing businesses and becoming names in the corporate sector. Is this really what the women of India want to be known for? That they threw over the regime which was controlled by men (another ballyhoo in my opinion), and revolutionised the way people saw the womenfolk? Why do women still call themselves the fairer sex, and underpriveleged ... when there are men now who are trying to fight for there right to leading a respectable life?

We create reservations in our parliament for women, so that they can have an equal say and participation in the ruling of the country. What this does is reduce the number of people who are qualified from taking those posts, because that seat is supposed to hold a woman's ass, not a man's! Reserving for the backward classes is a different thing (debatable, but different), but appointing a person just because she is a woman, doesn't show progress ... it shows a lack of judgement, foolhardy and reactionary tendencies.

Please people! Wake up to the fact. Women who think they are held under subjugation and oppression need to learn to look out of the box, and try to come out of the shell, instead of sitting there and crying that they aren't given a chance. Its not like men are served jobs and posts on a silver platter. We have to work for it too you know! But the most saddening aspect of this whole situation is the fact that there are some shameless women, who use these laws and norms to their advantage. Who threaten authorities with a lawsuit stating bias against women as a reason, when clearly they are nowhere near to being qualified for even consideration. They are the true scum of the earth!

We must see what restrictions and laws like these are doing to the country. And yes, seeing women treated equally was Gandhi's dream, but he's dead and gone. Plus, he was nothing more than a clever politician. He did well for the country, but for selfish motives. Glamourising a natural step towards progress doesn't only kill its who purpose, but shows what a shell we live in...

[Don't call me a chauvinist ... I call 'em as a I see 'em!]

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i have only one thing to say:
men are chauvinistic pigs :P:P:P
you ask women why they don't come out from their shells? yeah, they weren't ALLOWED to. look at the SATI and the PURDAH system and the ban on widow remarriage, the dowry, WHAT ABT THOSE PROBLEMS? our society (in some areas) STILL suffers from them. and you ask the government to remove reservations for women, so we can put more idiotic men on the front? women are required for every aspect of development. there is a great variation in our country for creating opportunities for us. let me give you an example: my ex editor thinks criminal law is not for women. simply because we ARE women. there you go.
men are suckers! (no double meaning intended, you :P you know we love you)

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