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okay, now since Aditya seems to be an integral part of a "pack", i thought it would be good if his "pack" knew more about this google prodigy, seeing as how the posts are just not central enough. :P:P ahem

now, to begin with, i shall describe aditya vikram mukherjee to you. skinny. REALLY skinny. has glasses, which he wears (and looks MUCH better in them) occasionally. has very very ruffly hair, which thankfully he's grown thanks to reference from yours truly. now. i will begin with the good, the bad and the ugly sides to aditya mukherjee. aditya is really really simple and down to earth. he knows what he wants out of life. he's humble, and sweet, and caring, and there for you, and doesn't shut up when he knows there's something that you're not telling him. at times, he can really get on your nerves, but then there are times when it's like he's the nicest guy in the world. he's there for you. it's as simple as that. there are times when just talking to him can change your entire outlook of the day. there are times when not talking to him can make you want to throw something. there are times when you talk to him, and he's just rambling on about google and stuff, and the things he says actually interest you. there are times when you really just want to get to know him. there are times when you're so mad at him you wonder HOW you know him. there are times when you feel you're lucky to know him, there are times when he can be the nicest person in the entire world, and there are times when he can really really hurt you and not even know it. but i guess that's something that's to everyone, right?

he's one of the smartest people i know, even though he starkly denies it. he's really logical, and really AWESOME at all weird tech-oriented things, and he knows how to make cookies and bookmarklets and god knows what. he's one of the best musicians in our entire school. AND he has an awesome voice. but there's a lot more than that. he's just a plain--awesome human being. and i'm really proud of knowing him. and i have no idea why i'm writing this, i guess it seemed more appealing than writing an analysis of the Ahmediya Movement, something i was originally intent on doing :P:P:P okay, and since i'm probably never going to see him again, i just wanna raise a toast to one of the nicest people i know! cheers! :D nemesis


thanks so much akanksha! :)

and here's my gift to you for being so nice! and an amazing friend! :)
all the best to you, in whatever you do!

nice guy that aditya...
    Anonymous Craffter, on Thu Feb 23, 03:05:00 PM  

    Anonymous Anonymous, on Sat Feb 25, 04:37:00 AM  

Well, I'm another Aditya Vikram Mukherjee .. and it's nice to know that this Aditya Vikram Mukherjee has nice things written about him ! ;))) .. well .. am kinda bored at work so gave a google search on my own name and came across this ! well i don't look much like that .. baah anyway .. :) .. by the way .. where did this adi vik muk go to ? even i travelled around the world a few weeks back .. anyway .. have a great day all of you .. :)
    Anonymous Aditya Vikram Mukherjee, on Tue Oct 31, 02:39:00 PM  

Haha! This is cool ... Welcome to my blog Aditya Vikram Mukherjee! (Never thought I'd say that). I have actually gone to college (Manipal, Karnataka) and doing a B.E. in Computers, so my blog was taking a break. I am online again though (from college), so everything is making a return!

Seeya around! :)

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