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blogging really has taken the world by storm, and those companies which were quick enough to jump on the bandwagon and avoid the proverbial deer-in-front-of-the-headlights situation, have made millions right now purely based on fascination at first, obsession second, and understanding and appreciation third. there are blogs everywhere, and blogs on everything. they have become universal repositories of information. a quote from my post on tagging -

for those who have been in the blogging sphere long enough, would have realised that blogging can be addictive, as well as informative. information should be readily available, and hence made useful! there are so many blogs out there which give you so much knowledge and raw information that you can readily drop out of school and just browse the blogs all day long. you'll gain so much out-of-the-way knowledge, that you'll be the textbook perfect street smart person. and if you watch or used to watch the apprentice, you would know that the street smarts are the one who take the cake! :D

but what makes blogging so appealing? there can be many factors, but most of all is the fact that blogs literally hand you the freedom of opinion and speech. blogs are like your personal newspapers, which you can publish free of cost. you can put in the news you like, give the comments you want and show it to the world to get feedback on your compilation. the difference between conventional newspapers and blogs is the personal touch. a blog strikes the reader at an emotional level, because blogs like yours and mine, which are of substance, always contain posts which are triggered by thoughts or events. every thought and/or event is backed by an emotion and a feeling. it is that feeling which, if worded properly, reaches out to the reader and manages to leave the same in-the-moment impact that it had on the author. that is what seperates good blogs from average everyday blogs.

blogging has become a big source of revenue. what with contenders like google offering money for a tiny square space on your page ... the lure of easy money is too much for the common man to avoid. again, that does not that every blog you see out there has an advertisement on it. many blogs just contain content with the sole intention of reaching out to audiences, not make money. however for blogs which have to pay their server bills and the myriad other pocket burning cashes, a source of revenue doesn't look so bad :P! people have invented new occupations because of blogs, and are flourishing in their business which relies so heavily on one of the most influential communication channel today. the most obvious example is Glenn Reynolds, a hyperactive law professor who churns out dozens of posts a day and has quickly become a huge presence in opinion journalism.

that said, the last word is this. blogging is something that is here to stay, for quite a while atleast. for people who love to write, or people who love to chronicle. critics who love to comment, and others who want a offhand anonymous opinion. with new uses coming out everyday, who knows where this'll end. who knows if it even will. but, if you haven't tried blogging yet, you're missing the biggest freedom you can enjoy today :)

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